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Daily Diaries: Andi and Ellie Eigenmann Make Mother-and-Daughter Bonding Look Extra Cute

Daily Diaries: Andi and Ellie Eigenmann Make Mother-and-Daughter Bonding Look Extra Cute

Motherhood can be a fun journey especially if you and your child share a lot of things in common. In the case of Andi Eigenmann, for instance, she and daughter Ellie share a love for travel, fashion, and the beach.

 Andie and Ellie, after running down the steps of Myeongdong Cathedral in South Korea.


“The motivation is right before my eyes,” Andi said in morning talk show Magandang Buhay, explaining that having Ellie has made a major impact in her life and in the choices she makes. 

Check out these photos of Andi and Ellie that are too cute they'd probably make you want to have a kid of your own, pronto:


1. Swimming together.

Swimming is a great bonding activity with your daughter, because it's also both an effective workout and a good training ground for one's endurance. Andie and Ellie are both water babies and enjoy delving deep into the pool (and sea!), be it the one in their home or those in resorts they stay at when they're on vacation like Bohol's Henann Resort.


2. Frolicking at the beach together.


Their top picks for beach destinations include Henann Resorts in Boracay and Bohol, and Anvaya Cove in Morong, Bataan.


3. Twinning in chic OOTDs.

Even at only four years old, Ellie is already very aware of her fashion game, and Andi celebrates and nourishes her daughter’s fashionista side through coordinated OOTDs from time to time.


4. Seeing the world, one city, town, or beach at a time.

Andi and Ellie at Tokyo's Shibuya crossing.

Instead of gifting them expensive gadgets, it is better to gift your children with experiences like traveling. Andi knows this all too well, bringing Ellie along to her travels in Japan, Korea, Baguio, Boracay, and Bohol, among other destinations.


5. Enjoying amusement parks together.

Andi and Ellie can both attest to the fact that age is nothing but a number when it comes to enjoying rides at amusement parks. Their favorite spot at Tokyo DisneySea? The Mermaid Lagoon, no less.


6. Being wacky in photos.

.Just a random candid moment while they were in South Korea.

Prefer bonding moments in the comforts of your own home? Just bring out your camera and treasure trove of wacky poses and you're all set—right Andi and Ellie?


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