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The Six Fix: Hilarious Tubig at Langis Memes You'll Never Get Tired of Sharing

The Six Fix: Hilarious Tubig at Langis Memes You'll Never Get Tired of Sharing

If you've ever caught an episode of afternoon drama series Tubig at Langis starring Cristine Reyes, Isabelle Daza, and Zanjoe Marudo, you would know just how fascinating all the tarayan moments among Cristine, Isabelle, and Dionne Monsanto's (she plays the sister of Zanjoe in the show) characters are—and if you haven't, well, here are memes inspired by the series that will surely give you life, especially on days when things seem to not be going your way. Be generous and share the good vibes with your friends!

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1. When it's all you, you, you. You're such a high performer that you're asked to do the bulk of work in your organization. In true achiever fashion, you step up to every task, even if you really, really, really just want to catch up on your favorite TV series.


2. When your guy's officemate keeps on flirting with him. Mark your territory, girl.



3. When this coworker of yours keeps on sizing you up. You don't always need to flaunt your assets, woman, but it will surely be sweet victory to see her reaction when you don a risque swimsuit at your company outing.


4. When you and your BFF fight like mortal enemies, but in the end, you've still got each other's back. Maybe Irene and Clara can turn out to be besties, too?


5. When you bring out your mean girl fangs. Don't apologize for it if the situation calls for it.


6. When you're asking for a favor nicely but the other person is just plain rude. But, really, we hope things don't get this extreme. Taking the higher road will always be better, trust us.


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Banner photograph screencapped from Tubig at Langis YouTube video. Memes from,,,,, STEM Memes and Jokes Facebook page, Dionne Monsanto’s Facebook page





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