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Cheat Sheet: Dawn, Sunshine, Karla, Angel, and Alice's Timeless Beauty Secrets

Cheat Sheet: Dawn, Sunshine, Karla, Angel, and Alice's Timeless Beauty Secrets

Looking at her now, Dawn Zulueta is one of those lucky few who seem to never age—can you see the difference of Dawn 2016 from her 1994 self below?

Dawn recently shared this photo on her Instagram account.


Yep, she's still totally rocking it—she's able to carry on her youth like it's just yesterday. She can be full-on goofy then switch to Ariana Grande in a hitch and still look perfect from whichever angle.


And HOT, if you ask us.

Dawn is sizzling in that black one-piece suit.


We're generally envious and we can't help but *steal* a beauty secret of hers—along with some more from these equally gorgeous stars on maintaining their blooming glow at their age:


Take care of your eyes. In Love Me Tomorrow which she stars in, Dawn's youthful appearance radiates and catches the attention of Piolo Pascual's character. Notice how her face lights up? You gotta take good care of your eyes to achieve that radiance. Since the area around the peepers shows signs of aging the earliest, she opts to use a trusted eye cream regularly. Try: LÓreal Revitalift Laser X3 Renewing Anti-Aging Cream.


Choose makeup that's hiyang on you. Makeup, sometimes, can cause breakouts especially when certain formulas don't work for your skin. Stick to cosmetics that you've been using for years, just like Sunshine does. Be careful in buying beauty products and check labels when stocking up. Try: Ever Bilena, Sunshine's go-to brand of choice.

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Experiment with your hair. The right hue contributes to a younger appeal, and your choice of hairstyle counts as well! Karla is never afraid to play with her manewhether down in gentle waves, braided, or up in a bun. Try: Getting a hair color—go to Jing Monis Salon for top-notch celebrity-style tresses. [related: Beauty Spotlight: Say Bye-Bye to Foil with this Hair Color Innovation]



Give your skin some love.  Clear up dirt build up and glow with a facial treatment every month. Aside from cleansing and anti-aging benefits, it's relaxing and soothing—a great way to pamper yourself! Also, like Angel, make this a bonding activity with your loved ones! Try: Hydrafacial by Belo Medical Group, Age Defy Advanced Facial by Flawless, and Gold Facial by The Aivee Clinic are top picks!


Sweat it out! Nothing, as in nothing, gives you the most natural glow than sweating out the bad stuff! Alice has a fantastic physique and luminous skin thanks to her workout routine, so make it a habit to squeeze in a bit of time for exercise, too! Try: Most gyms offer dance classes for every age. If you're more active, get into sports like badminton or boxing—it works out the whole body minus the usual boring gym machines!


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