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The D Word: In Love and Romantic Relationships, Does Age Really Matter?

The D Word: In Love and Romantic Relationships, Does Age Really Matter?

You've seen it before: Maybe it's your batchmate's parents, who got married when mom was 35 and dad 26, your favorite tito who married the 22-year-old girl he met online, or your high school teacher who fell in love with her suave third-year student.


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They say, when love hits you, it just hits you. But think about it, is age a really big factor when you get in a relationship?

Yes. First, you'll easily get judged by people around you. Yes, even your friends and your family. A lot of them may even disapprove; "Hindi kayo bagay," "You're too old to get into a relationship, and sa bata pa!" "You can snag a guy the same as your age, girl," "Baka perahan ka lang nyan," are just some of those statements you'll hear from them. Not to mention being called a "cougar" or "sugar mommy" may be part of it. All eyes are on you, and the inevitable chismis follows. Ask youself if you can stand it.


Yes. Second, your level of maturity will really affect your relationship. For the younger one, there are things you're yet to understand; for the older, there are things you need to understand. Especially with the changes happening aroundcommunication barriers and being socially-acceptable among themit'll be a challenge to reach that compromise.


Yes. And finally, your interests may vary, and the things you're used to may not be as fun to them. Case in point: In Love Me Tomorrow, JC (Piolo Pascual), a young, hot DJ falls for Christy (Dawn Zulueta), a middle-aged fashion designer. He tries to fit her into his world, but she's a mom, and she knows of discos, and not clubs. Try to imagine getting in this situation. Think if you can both survive living like this.


But you can answer no—age doesn't matter.

No. How many relationships have you heard of that became successful despite the age difference? A couple? A handful? Truth is, relationships nowadays are not based by the the numbersjust look around you. And the formula to keep the relationship going is almost the same as the same-aged couple's need:


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1. Understanding. Your situation, first and foremost. You need to be aware of the obstacles that come with dating someone from the older (or younger) crowd. 


2. Acceptance. From criticism from others to your partner's views, thoughts, quirks, and flaws. It's important that you acknowledge your differences in order for you to learn how to battle outside forces (bashers, family arguments, or even your own insecurities towards your partner) and build your relationship's defenses.  


3. Love. At the end of the day, no matter what people say, love wins. As long as you know in your heart that you're truly, madly, deeply in love with the person next to you right now, you'll know deep inside that yes, age doesn't really matter.


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