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Hot Stuff: Scarlet Snow Belo Is Just Too Cute for Words

Hot Stuff: Scarlet Snow Belo Is Just Too Cute for Words

A few weeks ago, Dr. Vicky Belo and Doc Hayden Kho surprised everyone when they introduced their daughter to the public—a beautiful 14-month-old baby befitting of her name, Scarlet Snow Belo is the biological daughter of both doctors, conceived with the help of a surrogate mother.


Can you bear the cuteness???

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And what have you, she so easily cutie-crawled her way into our hearts! Dr. Vicki and Hayden set up an Instagram account for this adorable little girl and each post is just a treat—her cuteness and charm is a perfect pick-me-upper on a bad day and for many, something to aspire for when they have children of their own (you know it: #babygoals!).

We'll let these videos do the talking, because words just won't do justice in describing the adorbness of Scarlet Snow:


Reading as early as now!


I don't really know how to read yet. I'm just teasing Kuya @quarkhenares because I want to look smart like him.

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 What a sweet Mother's Day greeting!


Happy Mother's Day to all moms!

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The cutie patootie and her favorite game!


... @scarletsnowbelo s favorite game . Good morning netizens....

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The makings of an 'it' girl...


Welcome to #TeamSnowyBear!


@scarletsnowbelo wanted to make you smile this afternoon ?????? #TeamSnowyBear

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