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Love Actually: How Fate Kept on Showing Karylle and Yael That They're Meant to Be

Love Actually: How Fate Kept on Showing Karylle and Yael That They're Meant to Be

Have you ever heard of the Chinese-Japanese legend about the red string of fate? It states that there's a red string tied around the pinky fingers of two lovers that are destined to meet. Because of that string, both lovers will be connected to one another and will find their way to each other, regardless of distance.

Fate, indeed, has a funny way of bringing together people, and if there's someone who knows this all too well, it's Karylle, and her husband, Spongecola's frontman, Yael Yuzon.

During their Magandang Buhay guesting recently, Karylle and Yael shared just how fate has brought them into each other's life way, way back, eventually leading them to becoming life partners:


1980s: At a children's party.

Lovers in Paris


Karylle says that her first “encounter” with Yael was during a children’s party, back when she was a baby, and Yael was still in his mother’s womb. “Yung first meeting niyo ay doon [sa isang children’s party],” she notes, recounting the stories Yael’s father shared to her. Yael may have yet to be born then, but he was already introduced to the woman of his dreams.


Early 2000s: At the Eraserheads concert.

Mr. and Mrs. Yuzon at a benefit concert.


Several years after the “encounter” at a children’s party, Yael and Karylle got to see each at an Eraserheads concert, which became their first casual meeting. Karylle, who is a big fan of the Pinoy rock band, recalls the incident. “Nagkataon lang na we were standing sa side ng stage, [at the] same spot,” Yael says, adding that he was surprised to see Karylle there as he didn't know she was a huge Eraserheads fan.


2007-2009: On Twitter, when social media was just about to boom

Even until now, the couple still loves talking to each other on Twitter.


Even technology played a role in their relationship! This time around, their interaction became visible on Twitter, a relatively new platform during the late 2000s, which Karylle used to her advantage: Yael shared that every time he would tweet about completing his morning run, Karylle would send a similar tweet seconds later, a strategy that got him to pay attention to her instantly.


2010: At the MYX Music Awards and the after party, where the #roadtoforever finally started

Hanging out in Dubai


Several tweets later, they met once again, this time, at the MYX Music Awards back in 2010, where Karylle dropped the line “I feel like I know you” to Yael (thank you, Twitter). He, on the other hand, has also made up his mind to strike a conversation with her that night.

It took the support of his friends Paolo Valenciano and Billy Crawford to get him to finally talk to Karylle during the after party. And the rest is history.

Getting cozy in LA


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