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Hot Stuff: #Talvin May Have Broken Up, But Let's Not Forget How They Made Us All Swoon

Hot Stuff: #Talvin May Have Broken Up, But Let's Not Forget How They Made Us All Swoon

Is it really the end for #Talvin?

News reports are saying that indeed, pop star Taylor Swift and DJ Calvin Harris (Adam Wiles in real life), have broken up. What's so surprising for most people, though, is that there were no signs that Taylor and Calvin's “match made in heaven” relationship is going downhill, save for several sources who said to that “things just don’t work out sometimes.”

This is sad, sad, sad news for all #TaLvin shippers, but why don't we focus on all the beauty of their 15-month-long relationship that was?

Like that time when they totally made #SwanGoals the in thing...


Or those candid beach photos of theirs...


And then of course there was this sweet shot of Taylor on Calvin piggyback style as they celebrated the Fourth of July...


Taylor's family has even given their seal of approval on the relationship, and Calvin also got to bond with Miss Swift's brother, Austin, over the winter holidays...


Remember how they celebrated their first anniversary last March? #relationshipgoals4ever


As we await both Taylor and Calvin to say their piece, we're still really, really hoping that it ain't over for these two. But whether they remain together or call it quits, we'll always have these beautiful moments of theirs to look back on, so for that, gracias, TaLvin.


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