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Fitspiration: Jessy Mendiola, Pole Dancing Hottie

Fitspiration: Jessy Mendiola, Pole Dancing Hottie

The good ol' red bikini became en vogue again thanks to Jessy Mendiola's sizzling beach photo:

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Huling hirit sa tag-init. ???? #AuraAurasaBora ????

A photo posted by Jessy Mendiola (@senorita_jessy) on


But while many were raving about Jessy's hotness, there are still them body shamers who tried putting this beauty down. She didn't let them get to her, though even dropping a quote from Demi Lovato to drive her point home:


My body may not be perfect but that will not stop me from being confident with myself. I've had my fair share of body shaming comments. So I know how it feels like to be called "FAT" or "TUMABA". Well, just to inform some of you "PERFECT" people. We all come in different sizes and shapes but that shouldn't stop us from being happy with our own bodies. There are times that you will gain weight and there are times that you will lose it. It's normal. It just shows that you are a human being. So whether you are curvy, malaman, skinny, too skinny, on the plus size or even on the plus plus size, you have ALL the right to be confident with yourself because that is who and what YOU are. If you don't love yourself enough, who else will? Think about it. So go ahead girl, wear that bikini and FLAUNT it. After all, it's YOUR body. Not theirs. Sabi nga ni Demi Lovato "What's wrong with being confident?" ?? #loveyourself #Laban

A photo posted by Jessy Mendiola (@senorita_jessy) on


How can you not be in awe of Jessy's beach babe body (JC de Vera has got good things to say, for sure...)?


May pa-abs po si John Carlo. ??????

A photo posted by Jessy Mendiola (@senorita_jessy) on


Jessy's secret to this hotter body of hers? An add on to her usual exercise routine: Pole dancing.


Soon. Thank you @christina_dy for being patient with me. #firsttimer ????

A photo posted by Jessy Mendiola (@senorita_jessy) on


She might have only started learning pole last week, but these photos prove that Jessy is werqing it.


3rd day Pole Dancing lessons. #strong #soon @polecatsmanila @christina_dy ??

A photo posted by Jessy Mendiola (@senorita_jessy) on


Jessy is taking classes at the pioneer pole dancing studio in the country, Polecats Manila, whose celebrity students include Angel Locsin, Ciara Sotto-Oconer, Andi Eigenmann, and Bubbles Paraiso, among others.

Its sensual nature aside, pole dancing is actually a very effective workout, especially for those who want to strengthen their core and muscles, increase their flexibility, and have an overall toned, lithe look.

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You go conquer the pole, girl!


Progress. Thank you @christina_dy ???? @polecatsmanila ????

A photo posted by Jessy Mendiola (@senorita_jessy) on


Staying true to her advocacy of celebrating your body is Jessy's way of showcasing true sexiness.


Summer blues. Missing the beach. #yepthemhipsandthighsdontlie ??????????

A photo posted by Jessy Mendiola (@senorita_jessy) on


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