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Look Up, Step Out: Document Your Travels Better with Instagramming Tips from Beautiful Destinations

Look Up, Step Out: Document Your Travels Better with Instagramming Tips from Beautiful Destinations

The upcoming rainy days are never an excuse for a traveler: As long as you've got that wanderlust flowing through your veins, it doesn’t really matter what the season is—it's definitely #gamefaceon.

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Of course, you just have to immortalize your travels and share it with the world—thankfully, in a matter of seconds, the world can see where you are upon you uploading your photos on Instagram.

And with that big of an audience, it’s very important to make those shots countand the men of travel inspo Beautiful Destinations know just that. Those lust-worthy photos on their timeline are more than enough reason to keep them on your travel radar. Recently, this group, comprised of Jeremy Jauncey, Tom Jauncey, Jacob Riglin, James Relf Dyer, and Sam Kolder, was spotted on Philippine shoresCebu, El Nido, Bohol, and Pangasinan shores to be exactfor a 10-day sojourn to some of the wonders of the country. Here's a sneak peak at their awesome trip:


If this didn't make you go, "WOAH," we don't know what else will.

Curious whre they headed to? Check out some of their most memorable stops:


Above: Here's Jeremy, as if saying, "Hop on and let's explore the Philippines!" Below: Some of their adventures under the sea.


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Sunrise at the Chocolate Hills


What intrigued us most, though, is the excellent Instagram photo-taking skills they possess. During our mini-chat with the group, they shared some of their winning snap secrets—and we've listed them down for you:


1. Observe how other people do it. They begin with watching other people’s videos and photos and then think, "I wanna do it, too."


2. Take in the view first. Another technique is when going to a new location, put down your camera, look around, and try to experience the place before taking my photos and you can surely see a beautiful perspective from there.


3. Find good dimension. And also try to bring out the saturation.


4. Edit manually. Nowadays, people are addicted to filters. So the group recommends manual editing. Usually, the sharpen tool is all they need.


5. Follow other travel Instagram accounts for inspiration. If you're still not following them, it's time to click "follow" now.


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