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The Six Fix: Bestselling Author Victoria Aveyard's Tips on Making It as A Writer

The Six Fix: Bestselling Author Victoria Aveyard's Tips on Making It as A Writer

Have you always dreamed of writing your very own book? If you do, continue reading.

Okay, we get it. You do want to write your own book. Well, you're on the right page. Whether you just realized that being an author is the path you must take or you've kept notebooks full of unfinished fictions for years, start your journey with some tips from someone who, just like you, once had a dream of writing her own book.

Meet Victoria Aveyard.

You've probably heard of her (heck, you may have read her books already!). But just a quick intro, Victoria is the author of #1 New York Times bestseller, the Red Queen series. Its story revolved around the life of Mare Barrow, whose world is divided into the Reds and the Silvers, the latter ruling over the former because they possess supernatural abilities until this heroine discovered that she, too, has powers despite being a Red. 

"The first time I got her, I had this image of a girl. And I didn’t know how it happened or why, but I knew I have to make a story out of her," Victoria says. Creating Mare's world took her a tedious one and a half years to produce. But nonetheless, she loved the whole process. "That’s my job: to put on a show." 

How does she do it? Well, firstly, she prepares her essentials. "More than my computer, I need time." And the next step is actually up to you. Styles differ from one person to another, but who knows, some of Victoria's secrets (pun intended) might work for you:


1. Be inspired by stories that make you happy. "Ever since I was a kid, I loved telling stories. In high school, I realized I wanted to pursue it. But after college, I never thought of writing a book. But I figured that I was inspired by stories that make me happy, that take me out to my own world." [related: The Six Fix: Lessons Adults Can Learn from Children's Books]


2. Be driven by the world. "The thing that drives me to a new idea is the world, more than a story and more than character."


3. Make an outline. "I hate outlining but they made me outline because it helps in the long run. But I don’t outline too closely; for me, it takes the mystery and the magic out of the book."


4. Take a day to slow down. "I'm a big fan of American football. I watch football on Sundays to relax and take my day off."


5. "Have thick skin."


6. Focus on your own work. "It's what I learned from my agent, the eyes-on-your-paper thing. Focus on yourself and don’t be caught up in being compared to other people. Focus on what you can control, which is your own work."

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