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The Six Fix: #HugotPaMore with the Latest from Angelica Panganiban's Feels Files

The Six Fix: #HugotPaMore with the Latest from Angelica Panganiban's Feels Files

How are you feeling today? Sad because summer is over? Happy because you just got your paycheck? Or depressed because you had an argument with the bae? Whatever the case may be, Hugot Queen Angelica Panganiban has a plethora of lines that related love and relationships to seemingly mundane, every day things. Bring on the #feels girl!


1. When it's already the rainy season but you want to go to the beach: "Mag-Boracay ako… para uminit pakiramdam ko, ang tagal nanglalamig puso ko eh." Going to the beach during the rainy season? Hassle, just like being loveless.

Say goodbye to the beach (for now)


2. When you realize that you have yet to fill up your posh planner: "Ayoko ng planner…napakarami mong planner, pero ako pala, hindi man lang ako kasama sa mga plano mo sa buhay mo." How can you ever want planners after this?

Sayang naman the xx amount you spent on your planner!


3. When you have tried everything but could not sleep at night: "Hindi na ako makatulog simula nun iniwan niya ako." Trying counting sheep backwards, it works.

Want to have a good night's sleep? Discard your excess emotional baggage.


4. When you are stuck with the status quo (or with that jerk): "Buti ka pa nauntog na, kasi ako hindi pa." Until when you will wait for reality to hit you?

 Even the most expensive bag will not make you feel happy if things are not working out with him anymore.


5. When you're craving for something delicious: "Magluluto ako ng paella. Maraming sangkap yun: makulay, masarap, malasa, kasi syempre ako pait na pait ako sa buhay ko." You got to indulge in something delicious in a while, you know. 

Admit it: Nothing beats the comfort food brings when you feel down.

6. When you feel alone and worthless: "Buti pa yung libro, may nagmamay-ari sa kanya, sa akin wala na." But who says you can't be happy being single? Time heals all wounds so keep the faith.

Why fret over being loveless when you have friends to enjoy life with?


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