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Fitspiration: Piolo and Iñigo Pascual, Hot Father and Son Workout Buddies

Fitspiration: Piolo and Iñigo Pascual, Hot Father and Son Workout Buddies

Trust us on this one: Having a workout buddy not only makes workouts more fun, but also helps you push yourself harder. Just take a look at one of the more notable fitness partners-in-crime in the Philippines, father-and-son Piolo and Iñigo Pascual... how we roll... (and rest in bet sets.. IG for a few) ..then repeat

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Though it was only when Iñigo turned 18 that Piolo allowed him to start working out (Piolo wants Iñigo to maximize his growth spurt first and working out stunts that), his now bonding activity with his dad has definitely been worth the wait. They have mini workout challenges, like this one featuring situps:


Fun workout with the bubey matched with babsy's laughter ??????

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They also challenged each other to see who has a stronger upper body and core:


???? He said to do the Zoolander walk at the end. "BLUE STEEL" @piolo_pascual

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And have endurance checks by joining marathons.


Such a beautiful sunset run... Sky was golden like the jersey we wore.. It's like the entire course was lit accordingly:) much love and big thanks ?? to my #sunlife family... So humbling to represent such a big and compassionate family... To all the sponsors, advertisers, all the runners, thank you very much for running with #sunpiology and making the event a success.. Coach Rio, thanks for making it easy for everyone... you rock! ..of course it was made more special seeing my son @iminigopascual (who also happens to be a Sunlife ambassador) participate in this year's run... Big love and thanks to my #starmagic family for making this event extra meaningful and look more beautiful (literally) hehe... And to all my loved ones and friends, the scholars, thank you from the bottom of my heart... my 'B' (tho we didn't have enough sleep, you still came and conquered) ... Thanks so much! Much love everyone! See you for the awarding, raffle, and concert for a cause! :) ---life is brighter under the sun!:)

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And they also put their physical strength to the test by biking through a rough and tough terrain.


Heat training with ze son:)

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"It's a perfect time to bond and talk na rin because we get to wake up early, train early, and play together," says Piolo of the best thing about working out with his son.


Work it son while pops takes a selfie ??

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Check out Piolo’s interview in Magandang Buhay to get ideas on how to be workout BFFs with your mom, dad, son, or daughter:


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