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The Six Fix: Easy, Foolproof Tricks to Master Time Management

The Six Fix: Easy, Foolproof Tricks to Master Time Management

Rushing yet again to work?

It's not okay. Everyday, it’s not just you who struggles to crawl out of bed and has to brave the cray metro traffic and more often that not, ends up arriving late to the office yet again. *sigh* It’s frustrating that time seems to run out so fast, leaving you unfinished tasks by the end of the day for tomorrow, which, by the way, continue to pile up (but that's another story altogether).

The solution? Not blaming traffic, not ranting on social media, but rather, mastering time management. The routine differs from one person to another, but here are some general, helpful tips from Belle de Jour’s Marketing Supervisor, Mancie Silloriquez, on how to breeze through day after day and check off everything on your to-do list:


1. Make a list. “List down the things you need to do, with a vision of what you would have achieved by the end of the week,” says Mancie. Using this guide, you’ll be able to track your progress–which ones you’ve already done, which you can do next, which ones are yet to be finished. It’s the easiest way to check your productivity.



2. Categorize according to priority. Identify the most urgent tasks and start there. Learn to differentiate between big and small errands.


3. Use time-blocking. For this, you need to know how you work. A sample by Mancie: “Brainstorm ideas first thing in the morning, then work on ongoing tasks for current projects. After lunch, respond to emails and troubleshoot after your afternoon coffee. Before the end of your workday, determine your tasks for the next day.” Now test it out. See the difference it makes?



4. Commit time for things you’re passionate about. Taking small breaks for things you love doing apart from your job helps you refocus and recharge your brain for more workload to come. [related: In Focus: Ebe Dancel on Rekindling Passion When You've Quit Too Many Times]


5. Get enough sleep. Don't let your battery run out; your zzzzs provide you with the energy you need to face the day. A daily eight-hour snooze is not only important because it’s recommended, but because it’s healthy! But if cutting bedtime is really necessary, follow these steps to give you an extra dose of energy: Breathe, keep a positive mindset towards your work and appreciate and reflect on it. Remember that days without sleep, too, shall pass.



6. Get help. Try installing time productivity apps on your phone like Evernote or MyLifeOrganized. [related: In Focus: How Important High Performance Smartphones Are in This App Crazy World] Or better yet, get a planner! They say that writing down your notes is waaaay more effective in remembering, so also keep a pen handy.


Clueless on how to start filling up those pages? No worries! Mancie gives some useful advice for newbie planner users:


Plan yearly. Then follow it with monthly, weekly, and lastly, daily.


Have a firm grasp of your goal for the year. Inject small tasks in your weekly plans to make your every day a step closer to achieving it.


Make your steps concrete. You will do this for a certain span of time how many times a week to finally accomplish it at this month and day. It may involve other people as well–make it clear and as detailed as possible.


Know your projects/tasks weekly and plan at the end of the week for the next one. Make sure to leave time enough for last minute urgent tasks.


List a maximum of three priorities daily. Those tasks are the critical ones to be fulfilled for the day.


Check or cross out a task every time you accomplish one so you can track and acknowledge your progress.


Don’t stress about filling it up. There’s definitely no way you can fill it up in one sitting. Let the day go by and whenever it clicks in your head, that’s the right time to write them down.


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