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Daily Diaries: What Holds You Back from Choosing Love?

Daily Diaries: What Holds You Back from Choosing Love?

Falling in love is pretty easy. Fighting for it? Not quite. Relationships can be tough; and sadly, not everyone’s up for the challenge. So, you look for excuses to not choose love. Then, you chant these mantras as if it’s okay to hold back—even if it means holding back from happiness, romance, and all the great possibilities that true love can bring.


Walang forever. What's the point of choosing love if it won't even last? Uncertain investments are not your thing. You put aside your feelings, build walls, and pretend everything's okay. 


Wrong timing. He’s the man of your dreams, your perfect match. But you know it’s not possible. Maybe, in a different lifetime, you’ll be able to say itto fight for it. Just not now.


You’re scared. Of rejection, unrequited love, and messy breakups. You’re sick of pain that you convince yourself that you’re better off alone. Yet, your heart says otherwise.

Love is not always rainbows and butterflies. It could break your heartbig time. Shielding yourself from pain is totally understandable. But barring yourself from love? We don’t think so.

Plunging into the unknown is frightening. So is life without love. Holding back doesn’t make you any stronger; facing your fears does. Live boldly; choose love over your reservations. Just like these couples.

In this video, Revlon and celebrity couple Kryz Uy and Slater Young asked pairs to #ChooseLove by proudly kissing their partners. It doesn’t matter whoever is watching or if it’s the right place for a sweet and memorable kiss; true love inspires you to lose your inhibitions.


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Love isn’t a smooth-sailing journey. But just because the journey is rough, doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Don’t hold back; stand up for the things that stir your soul and #ChooseLove. You deserve it.  



Want to join Revlon's #ChooseLove campaign? Just post photos of your kiss marks or of you blowing kisses on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. Then, put a caption with the hashtags #ChooseLove and #RevlonPH. Unique, witty, and heartfelt photos will be displayed on Revlon's digital billboard across the Metro. For more Revlon updates, like them on Facebook (Revlon Philippines) and follow them on Twitter (@revlon_ph) and Instagram (@revlonph).


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