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Get to Know: Curtismith, the Rapper Whose Song Impressed Renowned Philanthropist Richard Branson

Get to Know: Curtismith, the Rapper Whose Song Impressed Renowned Philanthropist Richard Branson

In case you might have missed, billionaire and global business leader Richard Branson, who owns UK-based company Virgin Group, was here in Manila for "The Asian Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum: An ANC Leadership Series."


Among one of those who signed up for Branson's talk is Mito Fabie, also known as rapper Curtismith, who, albeit only 22, is already a huge fan of the motivational speaker. In the end, he got way more than a discount or free ticket.


But first, you ask, who is he, by the way? A pretty cool rapper, in our opinion.


Just like his idol, hip hop royalty Drake, he sings pretty well, too! (Fact: He does get compared to Drake sometimes!)


As for his music? It’s pretty popular, even Spotify has some of his songs:


He has performed at music festivals like Wanderland:


Fabie may be depicted as a cool kid, but he's mindful of his roots. He definitely loves his momma because the real cool guys look up to their parents:


And cool kids also have a strong faith in God too:


Moreover, even if he's very exposed to the party scene, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and his feet firmly planted on the ground:


Now let's go back to that one thing that's way better than a free ticket that Curtismith got when he attended Branson's talk: When he was given the chance to ask the latter a question during the open forum, he went the extra mile and rapped for him instead.

"I'm trying to be like Branson/ And see my life in action /No you can't buy passion /And this is all that I got/ So I hit em with a flow from this soul that I've got".

In case you were wondering, those lines are from one of Fabie's song entitled "Going In For Life".


Anyway, the Branson was impressed by Curtismith's performance that he ended up having his crew give the young man his calling card, and asked him to submit a demo of his song to Branson's blog as well.


This just goes to show how drive and confidence can take you far. So to all you kids out there, we found this gem of an advice from the man of the hour:


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Banner photograph from Mito Fabie's Facebook page




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