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Look Up, Step Out: Atom Araullo Shows You How Magnificent This World Is in 10 Photos

Look Up, Step Out: Atom Araullo Shows You How Magnificent This World Is in 10 Photos

Stalking Atom Araullo on Instagram is a totally different experience. No, you won't find tile after tile featuring his (beautiful) face (Admit it: It's the reason why you check his account in the first place!). But it won't disappoint, as his feed has captured the best of what the world has to offer. With every post is a glimpse in the life of this journalist who happens to be privileged enough to travel and tell the stories of places he's been to and people he's met. Don't you wish you're part of his team just so you can be together in exploring place after place in this beautiful world of ours (Bet you're even willing to volunteer for free... just to be with him, riiiiight)?

But daydreaming aside (ooops, sorry to burst your thought bubble), you can, however, appreciate and learn more about these places, as his broadcasting skills takes on a new level through his perfectly taken shots which he so generously shares on social media, each speaking a thousand words.

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Enjoy the joyride via Atom's Instagram accountwe've compiled ten photos to get you started on your journey around the globe:


1. Sevilla, Spain. A lesser known part of Spain is highlighted through their Semana Santa celebration. Atom captured how their locals, just like in the Philippines, seriously follow Holy Week customs.


2. Svalbard, Norway. A bit of life in the middle of the photo balanced an otherwise cold (literally and figuratively) image.


3. Sahara Desert, Egypt. Leave nothing but footprints, and a souvenir photo of your marks, of course.


4. Paris, France. How about seeing the Eiffel Tower from a different angle (who says it's only beautiful from the top?)?


5. Turin, Italy. Either fall in or out of love, with dropping fall leaves on the background.


6. Agra, India. Catching the sunrise slowly lighting up the Taj Mahal from its still sleepy-looking state.


7. Chitwan, Nepal. And escorting the locals to their destination with the eye and a little beam from the early sun.


8. Manhattan, New York City. Instead of viewing the Empire State Building the usual way, Atom adds his own twist and took a shot of its shadow amidst a panoramic view of Manhattan.


9. Davao Oriental, Philippines. Showcasing the beauty of our country over and over again. This shot at Aliwagwag Falls is another proof that you don't need to go to faraway places to see the sights.

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10. The sky. And finally. Atom did go places, and not miss to share and photograph the blanket of clouds that cover the up above.


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