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The Six Fix: Palaban Ways to Beat the Kontrabidas in Your Life

The Six Fix: Palaban Ways to Beat the Kontrabidas in Your Life

Admit it: Every time you watch Tubig at Langis, you feel that surge of anger towards Isabelle Daza's character, Clara. And who wouldn't? Stealing someone else's man (and getting yourself pregnant) is just so unbelievable. And to have the gall to fight the legal wife whom the man in question is madly in love withiba ka, girl. Really, insane love must be driving you to throw away all self-respect in pursuit of a man.

All sympathies go to Irene, played by Cristine Reyes, the loyal, ever-faithful wife who endured her husband's one-time infidelity, forgiven him, moved on, and still loves him with all her heart. Their endless cat fights in the show gained popularity on social media—how couldn't they, when these memes are just too hilariously on point?  #feelsmuch



But amusement aside, Tubig at Langis is more than just the brawl of two women fighting for the man they love. Here's how you can stand up against the kontrabidas in your life, the Irene-wayunleash your palaban side and win every fight against all the odds that may come: 


1. Fight for what is yours. As obviously seen in every episode, standing up is about fighting for what is rightfully yours. First, OWN IT. Second, STAND YOUR GROUND. Third, if it doesn't work, we can't blame you if you go reckless and pull this classic Irene move—you know, that one from one of her most intense beach confrontations with Clara. But really, we hope against hope that it won't come to that point where you'll need to let out your claws...



2. Wag kang papayag na kaya-kayanin ka lang. Great example is this epic scene (oh, what a mother's love can do.)

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3. At manindigan ka. Don't let others sway you to give in; stick by your terms, and again, stand your ground. Remember Clara disagreeing with Natoy and baby Nathan's setup? Irene spat, "Buong buo, sa'kin pa rin ang asawa ko. At kung may oras man kaming ibibigay, hindi yun para sayo, kundi para sa anak nyo." You go, girl!



4. Face your enemies. Be determined and maintain the will to win the fightand face the battle head-on (not literally, of course). People will respect you (even those you had feuds with) when they know you're no pushover.



5. Tell the truth. Every time. Lying will only give them more reason to undermine you. 



6. Face the truth. Be brave enoughand accept. The sooner you do, the more you can devise your next step towards triumph. Oh, and remember, truth always wins, just like love does.

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Photographs from and screengrabbed from ABS-CBN Entertainment's Youtube channel.




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