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Daily Diaries: How Do Filipinos Spend Their Money on Paydays?

Daily Diaries: How Do Filipinos Spend Their Money on Paydays?

So how do you spend your paycheck?

By going on a clothes hoarding spree with your man?



Or by splurging on food?



Or are you the type to set aside a substantial amount for the future (way to go, girl!)?



Now, do you want to know how everyone else are spending their hardearned money? As it turns out, new clothes and shoes aren't up there when it comes to payday spending.


According to a survey by online retailer Lazada, conducted on 345 respondents, food is actually the main star of sweldo day.

The nice part is we spend a lot on treating our loved ones, too.


Another surprising find? Employees are religious bill payers, making sure to settle their utility bills upon receiving their paycheck:

Thumbs up to all responsible Pinoys!


It's good to know that more and more Filipinos nowadays are being more responsible when it comes to managing their finances...



And not burn too much money on wants.



Here are some more ideas to get the most out of your paycheck:


1. If you're not doing it yet, take the time to treat your parents to lunch, dinner, or shopping (or all!). More than spending part of your paycheck on them, it's really the whole bonding factor that they will treasure.

2. The next time you plan to splurge on food, check out the Booky articles we have on our site to help you out in picking out your next foodie destination.

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3. Always know your priorities. Before spending that much-coveted paycheck, do a breakdown of your expenses so that you will not worry about being in debt. 

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4. If you don't need much money during payday itself, opt to withdraw your sweldo from the ATM a day after your company releases your paycheck. You’ll save yourself from long lines and out-of-order machines.

5. And most definitely, don't forget to enjoy your hard-earned cash!



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Infographics provided by Lazada.




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