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Workout Wisdom: 8 Workouts to Help You Score that Supermodel Body

Workout Wisdom: 8 Workouts to Help You Score that Supermodel Body

We collated the tried-and-tested fitness routines of everybody's favorite supermodelsKarlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Kate Upton, Nina Agdal, Doutzen Kroes—to aid you in your quest to have as sexily sculpted physiques as theirs:


1. Kendall Jenner keeps her core strong by bouncing a medicine ball towards a trampoline (and back to her). TIP: If you're buying equipment for the first time, invest on a medicine ball because you can use it for a lot of exercises.


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2. Gigi Hadid lets off steam (and sweat!) through boxing. TIP: Should you find going to the gym tasking, go for an athletic activity like basketball, badminton, or boxing.


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3. Miranda Kerr maintains her fit body through Pilates. TIP: Choose the workout that suits you best, and you’ll look forward to exercising all the time.


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4. Soon-to-be-mom Candice Swanepoel puts her flexibility to the test via aerial yoga. TIP: Workouts like yoga may not be as intense, but they benefit not just your body, but your mind as well.


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5. Kate Upton proves that she is one strong girl by doing weights (and heavy ones at that!). TIP: When dealing with heavy weights (100 pounds and above), make sure that you have a spotter on standby in case you encounter problems.


6. Nina Agdal knows no limits—she would do her workout routine, consisting of burpees, mountain climbers, and pushups, anywhere, and that includes the beach! TIP: Be stronger than your excuses and stay committed to your workout even if you're away from the gym.


No excuses ?????????? #whatyousweatiswhatyouget

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7. Doutzen Kroes loves having a gym buddy during her rowing sessions. TIP: Find someone with similar fitness goals as yours so you can say you're really in it together.


Work work work.... With a smile?? @hayleyjanefitness

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8. Karlie Kloss maintains her physique by doing a variety of workouts, like tricep dips. TIP: Don’t have gym equipment at home? No worries, you just need to be a creative and resourceful in finding substitutes to gym equipment (like your dining chair or even your wall).


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