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In Focus: Let’s Talk About the #ItBros

In Focus: Let’s Talk About the #ItBros

While there are a lot of men who try so hard to get noticed, or chase the spotlight shamelessly, (especially in this social media crazy-world of ours today), there are those who are found by the limelight, and adored by many even if they’re not doing anything to be noticed—yes, much like their female counterparts, these ‘it’ bros are fawned over for just simply being them. And much like ‘it’ girls, they’re more than their good looks: They are men of style and substance, go-getters who live their lives to the fullest.

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Such is the case of Erwan Heussaff, Nico Bolzico, Adrien Semblat, and Arthur Burnand—the beaus and husbands of this generation’s ‘it’ girls of Manila. With the exception of Erwan who has become a media personality because of his breakthroughs in the food industry and his blog, this group of ‘it’ bros are primarily corporate bigwigs: Adrien is country general manager of adidas in the Philippines, Nico is founder of agribusiness tech company LM10 and partner at global financial technology company VMoney, and Arthur is a Shanghai-based real-estate hotshot who’s also co-founder of sock brand SOXKS.

Perhaps some might argue that they became ‘it’ bros by default, what with them being the special someones of the ‘it’ girls, but then again, in the natural scheme of things, it’s highly likely that ‘it’ girls will find their match in ‘it’ bros, with their sensibilities and intellect on the same plane. You clicked on this article because your interest has surely been piqued by these handsome gentlemen after seeing so much of them recently on social media during Georgina and Solenn’s weddings to Arthur and Nico, respectively (or probably because of their handsome photos), but how they’ll school you on love, style, and fitness will make you swoon over them even more:


They’re very loyal, affectionate men (lucky ladies!)…


Adrien and Isabelle. HHWW, holding hands while waking, never goes out of style.

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Arthur and Georgina. You can never go wrong with looking your love in the eye to show your feelings.

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Nico and Solenn. Pepper your relationship with unguarded moments.

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Erwan and Anne. Switching things up, from glam to casual, to sporty, and what not, keeps things interesting!

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Who know how to put together impeccable looks (effortlessly slick looks at that)…


And are ultimate fitspirations!

Erwan, Adrien, and Nico's swimming Sundate (above); and Nico, Arthur, and Adrien, with Nico's friends after a football game in France.

Argentina vs Rest of the world! Last game as a single man! #sosbolz

A photo posted by Nico Bolzico (@nicobolzico) on


You're welcome!


But wait, there's more...


Ooops... no, not that, really—we mean, these workout Instavideos of theirs that will surely inspire you to level up your fitness game:


Sunday workout #1

A video posted by Erwan Heussaff (@erwanheussaff) on



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Photographs from,,,,,,,, Instagram.con/czarinalegit,,, and courtesy of Kiehl's (Erwan in lead photo)





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