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Lifestyle Hotshots: Jason Go's Gelato Flavor Recos Will Make You Forget Chocolate

Lifestyle Hotshots: Jason Go's Gelato Flavor Recos Will Make You Forget Chocolate

How hot is it if a guy actually makes you ice cream? Well, if it's Jason Go, one-half of one of the most well-loved creameries in the metro, it's an immeasurable level of hotand cool, of course. Manila Creamery's introduction to the public has been well-received—one search on google and you'll see the countless reviews from their satisfied patrons. Thanks to this guy, who acquired his gelatiere certificate at the famed Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy, the Manila gelato scene has never been this flavorful.

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But apart from churning out an assortment of local gelato flavors with a twist, Jason is also pretty much a typical guy who does what other guys do: Wake up extra early to work out (you know, this is the secret to maintain his fit bod despite, well, being surrounded with sweets on a regular basis), eat a big breakfast, squeeze in meetings midday, have dinner and go to sleep on weekdays, and unwind during weekends. He just seems to be, somehow, sort of different, though, as his day is not without concocting his dessert expertise. Operative words there are pretty much, as this one's got his head in the right place, very hands on when it comes to Manila Creamery's operations.

"I go to the market myself to buy fruits and supplies we need. Although we have a suki na and they can deliver, I like to check out sometimes what's there. Then I head to the kitchen and make gelato in bulk." He's very committed to his craft; pioneering the establishment of a Filipino gelato brand using the finest, freshest ingredients to create exceptionally delightful flavors.

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If you haven't tried Manila Creamery yet, here are the flavors you just must check out, straight from the gelato master himself:

1. Turon. Bet you didn't expect this, did you? As Jason shares, "There’s no one who deconstructs this; I don’t think people really think that this can turn into ice cream." But they did, and our usual afternoon snack just got cooler.

2. Mangga’t Suman. Yes, sticky rice with mango bits and drizzled with latik—perfect Pinoy combo!

3. Blueberry Cheesecake. For those who want to play it sweet and safe, their take on this classic does not disappoint.

4. Kinder Bueno. Remember those good ol' childhood days with hazelnut, chocolate and wafers playing inside your mouth with every spoonful. Yum!


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Produced by Katrina A. Angco / Photograph by Vyn Radovan / Graphic design by Jana Jimenez / Grooming by Decerose Alpeche for M.A.C Cosmetics / Shot on location at Astoria Plaza Ortigas





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