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Conversations: Robi Domingo on His Secrets to Hosting Success

Conversations: Robi Domingo on His Secrets to Hosting Success

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Hosting is not an easy job, and a lot of people can attest to this. Getting your energy up and being alert for your spiels and impromptu lines can be really challenging. That's why hosts are big on our radarand obviously they are also big role models next to the hottest actors of this generation.

One of the most looked up to in this field is Pinoy Big Brother alumnus-turned-reality show host Robi Domingo. During his early years in showbiz, he was attending school (he studied BS Health and Sciences at the Ateneo de Manila University) while working with ABS-CBN. Even though the crazy world of showbiz pushed him to try out acting, he stuck with hosting despite numerous criticisms thrown at him that time. And several years (eight, to be exact) into making it work, he did, and the fruits of his hardwork are paying off.

For aspiring hosts, you can learn a lot from this heartthrob. And he’s more than willing to share his advice. So delve into the secrets of this trade—plus more of Robi's words of wisdom:


ABS-CBN Lifestyle: What do you like about hosting?

Robi: "Honestly, kahit walang tulog, sobrang saya ko. Because I get to not hide. I get to be myself and I just have fun every time. Be in the moment, kumbaga. So it’s not just about informing people about what’s happening. Baliktad sa'kin ang nangyayari. Whenever I go to work, I’m getting more than what I should get, kasi more than the pay slips, I get information, and 'yun 'yung gustong-gusto ko'pag may natutunan akong bago. Especially about society, politics, the world. Every day is like going back to school. Most times I only get four hours of sleep per day but it’s all worth it."

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: Since people always see you only on your shows, of course, they make this impression about you that stick. What do you think are the misconceptions about you?

Robi: "This is my impression: Whenever they see me on TV, they think that I'm the goody-goody kid. I’m not saying I’m badI don’t do illegal stuff, but you know, I’m still human, I make mistakes and I fall. Pero the best thing about that one is I get back up again."

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: What do you do to stay on top of the game?

Robi: "You research, you prepare for the battle. Because how can you be spontaneous enough if you don’t know what to be spontaneous about? Like before, inaalam ko 'yung past, present, and future ng whole situation, but right now, anything flows. And from what I’ve learned, it’s not about the who’s talking. It’s the oppositeit’s all about listening. If you want real talk, you want real listening as well."

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: What have you learned about being Robi Domingo in front of the camera?

Robi: "I can’t get away from that, eh. I guess kasi some people try to put up their showbiz name, their showbiz outfits on, pero wala ka namang kailangang patunayan. I mean, you just have to be real and people will love you because of authenticity. It cuts across, especially right now that people are smart, people are so emotional. They will feel you, they will get you, and they will know if what you’re saying is the truth or not."

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: But after the chapter of Showbiz Robi, would you still pursue your plans of being a doctor?

Robi: "Of course! That’s what I love, and I’m planning actually to set up my own clinic. I want to become an Opthalmologist, go to Bacolod do my practice there, then go back to Manila or somewhere in the world to put up my own clinic. Pero matagal pa 'yun! Kasi if you’re gonna count from today, medyo malabo pa kasi hindi ko pa alam kung kailan ako matatapos sa showbiz. What I’m having right now kasi is just the beginning. “Robi in ABS-CBN” is not done yet.

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: Being one of the most looked up to celebrities nowadays, what are three things that people can learn from you?

Robi: "I study. I study my material, I study everything, I study the subject, I study the scenario. So when I go there, I go prepared. Next is, I listen. To people. I hate interviewers who talk about themselves all of the time, because you know, when you’re doing an interview or when you’re gonna host, you have to make your subject comfortable with you so they could share everything they had or they have right now. You have to make them feel na, 'Your secrets are safe with me.' And lastly, I’m willing to go the extra mile."

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: How do you stay passionate?

Robi: "I know my limits first, because if I keep on just pushing myself without really knowing the limits in the beginning, burn out. Then, I build a web of friends. The more friends you have, the more that they will help you and the more you grow. Practice, practice, practice. Then, I don’t rush things. People who are very successful in what they are doing right now, some owe it to serendipity. It’s both your skill and that opportunity, luck, coming in to the whole thing. So, luck, opportunity + skills = success. And I don’t forget to thank Him. All the time, whatever success, and future plans, thank and just be with Him."

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: What are the things that, for you, are "worth it?"

Robi: "Siguro, when I was a kid, I took this for granted: Time and family. You know, when I was busy, as much as you wanna see my parents and my brother, hindi pwede kasi you have obligations, you have to fulfill your terms with your job. And sometimes I miss them, but whenever I think about them, it just makes me want to work hard. I’m too anxious about the future but then sometimes I forget about the present."

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: So now, with your very busy schedule, how do you find time for yourself?

Robi: "I just do what I love. I eat a lot, I watch PBA, NBA, UFC. I play puzzle games. I run, I bike. You know, during your free time, dapat it’s just you and the world. 'Wag mong isipin yung iisipin ng ibang tao."


Photograph by Vyn Radovan / Styling by Perry Tabora / Makeup by Mabeth Concepcion / Shot on location at Astoria Plaza Ortigas / Special thanks to Maquie Raquiza, Star Magic, and Jules Veloso


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