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Conversations: Richard Juan on Being An Inspiration Through and Through

Conversations: Richard Juan on Being An Inspiration Through and Through

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It's easy to fall for chinito guys. But it's easier if it's Richard Juanhe's cute, he's smart, he's fun, and he's nice. He's the ideal guy to bring home to mom; a 23-year-old who has what a girl needs (and wants) and more, establishing himself as one of this generation's role models and a TV and events host to boot. 


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But more than the good looks, it's his charm and good heart that bring people close to him, and he uses these to move people into doing better, like himself. Want to know more about him? Read on and get more inspiration from Richard Juan himself.


ABS-CBN Lifestyle: What's keeping you busy nowadays besides your shows?

Richard: "I'm doing business with my family. Recently, I’ve been doing import-export stuff, mostly shirts, then in the future I’ll be exploring different options. You know, going back to my Chinese roots. Kasi syempre, hindi naman araw-araw may showbiz. And I’m that type of person that does not like being stagnant. If I don’t have something to do, I fill it up na lang. Aside from that, I also do self-studying, but more on business stuff and investing since, you know, we’re still young and this is the time when we can still afford to make mistakes whether in life or financially. Now, kahit you take the risk and lose some money, you still have time para makabawi pa. Unlike kapag 30 na, may asawa na ako, may anak na, so those are the times that I cannot take any more risks."


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ABS-CBN Lifestyle: How is it being a role model to a lot of youth right now?

Richard: "It’s nice that people recognize what I do, that they are very proud of me and they are happy with what I’m doing. It’s something that I really like doing since I was a kid: Be a good example and inspire people."

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: But what exactly is your ultimate dream?

Richard: "When I was growing up, my ultimate dream was to retire before 30. I don’t mean retire retire. I just want to establish a self-sustaining business, 'yung hindi mo kailangang mag-manage ng every single detail, kasi I wanna spend time with my family. But now, I guess my dream is to do well in everything that I do. I've never really imagined myself doing showbiz, I’ve never imagined myself inspiring people though that was what I wanna do, but it was beyond my wildest dreams. Of course, I still dream big even if I’m already here, my dream is to go to Hollywood. But the more realistic dream is to be the best version of myself and have no regrets."


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ABS-CBN Lifestyle: Is there anything else that Richard Juan can't do?

Richard:  "Uhm. Of course I can’t dance. But when people ask me what else I can do, I think I’ll say I can speak five languages."


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ABS-CBN Lifestyle: How do you want to be remembered once you 'retire?'

Richard: "I wanna be remembered not only as a celebrity. I wanna be known as an influencer who aims for the better. I want people to remember me as not a snob, but someone who actually gives back. Like Ashton Kutcher. You know, he started as a model, then an actor, then he became rich, but he still gives back to people. I wanna be remembered as someone like him."


Photograph by Vyn Radovan / Makeup by Decerose Alpeche for MAC Cosmetics / Shot on location at Astoria Plaza Ortigas / Special thanks to Mau de Leon and Mercator, Star Magic, Jules Veloso, Vanessa Vergara, and Sam Lewis


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