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Conversations: Tommy Esguerra on Proving that He's Got Way More Than Just a Hot Body

Conversations: Tommy Esguerra on Proving that He's Got Way More Than Just a Hot Body

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Even before he entered show business via his stint in the famed Big Brother house last year, Tommy Esguerra already exuded the kind of confidence that people envy. But did you know that he would also have his share of low moments—like, at times, pessimistic surges and dispirited instances? He had learned how to conquer these, thanks to the overwhelming support he gets daily, from his family, from Miho, from his fans, and most importantly, from himself. We had the chance to chat with this model-turned-TV personality—learn from Tommy's experiences and watch your confidence rise like his star did!  


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ABS-CBN Lifestyle: What are you currently busy with?

Tommy: "Right now, we do hosting jobs or mall shows or photoshoots, and sometimes, judging of a beauty pageant and something like that. That’s about it for now. Until my Tagalog and my body gets together, I can say I’m not ready for a teleserye. I want to but it only makes sense until I’m ready."

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: So how are you enjoying things presently?

Tommy: I love it. But you know, today is one of my better days. You should see me on my bad days. I look like a zombie, I really do not sleep and I barely eat. During shows, I realized that my worst enemy is myself. But then, it’s all about what you think. Like I have days when I’m really negative. ‘I don’t think I can do it,' ‘Why am I here?' ‘People are believing at me but I’m not going to make it.' That’s really messing me up, and they tell us to get things done and you know it can get bad. And then there are days that I really feel alive, that I feel so blessed and excited and happy and there are so many things I want to do. It’s hard but it's fun. It’s crazy but I try to keep my cool.


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ABS-CBN Lifestyle: How do you keep yourself motivated?

Tommy: Honestly, I think I lack self-motivation. It all comes from talking to my mom or being around people who do something big or work hard. Or… being with Miho.


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ABS-CBN Lifestyle: What are the steps you're taking to improve in your craft?

Tommy: I welcome Tagalog, get my body together with a healthier lifestyle, focusing more and stepping up. It’s overall being active and pro-activing my life. But I feel like I’m not doing it yet. I feel like I still have a lot to do.

ABS-CBN Lifestyle: How do you want people to know you?

Tommy: People automatically think of me as mayabang. I want people to know me for who I am and tell me that it's okay to be me.

ABS-CBN Lifestyle:  What are the things that people can learn from you?

Tommy: One, whatever you decide, be sure you really, really want to do it. Never be afraid to go after it because it may not be the most logical road but it’s your life to choose. This life is a one token game and you only get one chance. When it’s over, it’s over. Do everything you want and follow your heart. Two, try your best. Even if you are negative. Even if you're immature. Whatever you see about yourself isn’t exactly how people see you and sometimes you see yourself in the worst possible way. Don’t even think, just do. And three, care about what other people feel, what they think, what’s going on in their life. Be a good person. 


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Photograph by Jazon Roque / Makeup by Alexandra Lisbona for MAC Cosmetics / Shot on location at Astoria Plaza Ortigas / Special thanks to Mau de Leon and Mercator, Star Magic, Jules Veloso, Vanessa Vergara, and Sam Lewis


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