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Love Actually: 10 Times Billy and Coleen Proved that Age Does Not Matter When It Comes to Love

Love Actually: 10 Times Billy and Coleen Proved that Age Does Not Matter When It Comes to Love

With their authentic sweetness, be it in person or on social media, you can hardly tell that Billy Crawford is actually 11 years older than his girlfriend Coleen Garcia. Billy and Coleen (or BiCol, as their ship is called) is proof that in love, age doesn't matter. Let them school you on how to werq it in case you find yourself in this situation:


1. They may come from different generations, but they've found common interests that bind them together. One of which is their love for animals.

Real-life tip: Taking care of a pet together with your beau can help you develop your relationship holistically, and is good practice for the future (you know, when you plan to settle down).


2. They make each other appreciate different music genres. Be it hip-hop, R&B, or pop. 

Real-life tip: Make good use of streaming music services to discover new music from different genres. Who knows, both of you might find new music that you'd want to have on loop during that next planned road trip (or your wedding, perhaps?).


3. They go on kiddie adventures together. Like riding rollercoasters.

Real life tip: Looking for a fun place to spend your day with your partner? Try visiting adult playgrounds over the weekend to relive those childhood memories. 

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4. They aren't afraid to show off their wackiest and goofiest faces. 

Real life tip: Don't always be so conscious of how you look, let loose, and ham it up for the camera!

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5. They make sure to spice things up with their variety of bonding activities. One of them being watching NBA basketball (live, at that!).

Real life tip: Be open when your guy invites you to watch a sports game. Appreciate the intensity of the game, or at the very least, try to analyze why your man loves it so much.


6. They both love discovering new places. Be it mountain climbing or frolicking at the beach. 

Real life tip: Be always on the lookout for seat sales so you get to travel to more places!


7. They may be born from different decades, but they let pop culture bind them together. They even went all out in cool cosplayer costumes last Halloween!

Real life tip: Enlighten each other on the pop culture hits of your respective generations by going on movie, TV series, or book marathons, or even by playing board games!


8. Coleen and Billy may have different style preferences, but their fashion sensibilities perfectly complement each other.

Real life tip: Find a color or print theme when dressing up with your special someone.


9. Wellness play a big part in their relationship, too.

Real life tip: Aside from food dates, consider trips to your dentist, dermatologist, etc. as bonding activities. Remember, health is wealth, and that both of you simply want the best for one another.


10. They indulge each other.

Real life tip: Be always on the lookout for sales and deals where you can get the items your partner collects. Sometimes, there's a chance that you might score a deal you'll love there as well.


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