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Hot Stuff: We Probably Should Exercise a Whole Lot More, According to a Study

Hot Stuff: We Probably Should Exercise a Whole Lot More, According to a Study

Thanks to phone-based apps and the growing consciousness for health, fitness has never been as high on the priorities of most people as it is now. But apparently, most of us are still not doing enough. Reebok conducted a study that uncovered an alarming revelation: On average, humans will spend less than one percent of their life exercising.

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In a span of 25,915 days, which is the average life expectancy, a human would only spend a total of 180 days—or just 0.69% of their life—on fitness. This is way too low, especially in contrast with this other startling statistic: Humans typically spend 41% of their lives engaging with technology. While that’s probably expected since a lot of us require the use of technology for work, a better balance between the two would be most welcome. Changing things up a bit should do us wonders. For instance, instead of spending your free time on social media, get out for a jog or even a game of basketball. Also consider integrating as much exercise as possible into your daily routine. It could be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Another thing you could do is to just walk to your destination if it’s only a short distance away rather than driving or commuting there. By doing so, you’d also be working on lowering yet another distressing number: Nearly 30% of our lives are spent sitting down.

The study doesn't end there, though. Here’s one last depressing figure to think about: Humans generally spend 0.45% of their lives having sex, which is roughly around only 117 days. We should really start changing our ways, eh?


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