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Cheat Sheet: Celeb Photo-Taking Tricks to Amp Up Your Foodstagram Game

Cheat Sheet: Celeb Photo-Taking Tricks to Amp Up Your Foodstagram Game

If you're a big fan of food and you love to take photos of your daily food chronicles, it's a habit to regularly check out some go-to Instagram accounts for inspiration. As part of our #FeedGoals, we aim for flawless and peg-worthy shotsdeserving of numerous double taps from your followers. If you're still trying to perfect your food photography skills, learn from these celebs who have mastered this craft. You're welcome!


1. Focus on your subject. Miles Ocampo's signature is focus. Make sure to highlight what you want to highlightavoid using backgrounds or steer clear of unnecessary distractions from the main object. If you must, blur the sides until you achieve the desired effect.


2. Don't be afraid to play with your food. Your mama have told you not to, but a bit of creativity goes a looong way. Janella Salvador shaped this suha into a heartmake yours as unique as you can! Think of all the possibilities, like carving faces on your cake or putting together cookie pieces to form a cat.


3. Proper use of props is a must. It's in the details where a photo gets its beauty. If using props, make sure that items have coordinating elements. Nadine Lustre nails this shot with her meal in bed, a coffee table book, and her cute dog all in one scheme. [related: Artsy Cool: 10 Images from James Reid's Instagram Account that Will Redefine Your #FeedGoals]


4. Try different angles. Apart from the usual top shot, Bianca Gonzales-Intal captures her yummy breakfast with a magnificent view as the background. Experiment on different sides and try and try until you get where the food is at its most photogenic. [related: Style Inspo: The Gorgeous Millenial Moms of Instagram]


5. Study colors, textures, and contrast. These three played a big part in the classy look of this shotthe standout hues without being too vivid and the gentle pattern of the food arrangement and light distribution. Being a blogger for years, Camille Co pins impeccable pictures like this, every single time. 


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