The Six Fix: Apps That Will Step Up Your Instagram Game

The Six Fix: Apps That Will Step Up Your Instagram Game

Instagramming has become serious business. With an average of over 80 million photos being shared daily worldwide, standing out on this platform isn’t as easy as it was before (especially once the algorithmic feed similar to Facebook finally rolled out). To collect more likes and to build a solid following, you’ll need all the help you can get to create truly beautiful or impactful images. And while Instagram has an impressive array of tools that are readily available, the counterparts offered by third-party apps are simply so much better.

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1. Snapseed: The next-level editor. This is a must-have. Boasting of grade-A tools, Snapseed is hands-down one of the finest  photo editors available for both iOS and Android. Its editing options effortlessly outclass those found in Instagram, as the app features tools usually reserved for desktop programs. Download this one and you’ll probably never use Instagram’s built-in tools again.


2. Perfect 365: The digital makeup artist. If you’re going to post a selfie, you'd want to make sure it’s as perfect as possible (it’s your face, after all). Perfect 365 will help you with that. The app provides a slew of “digital makeup” tools for you to use before you broadcast your selfie to the entire world. That’s what the Kardashians do, as they were reported to be avid users of Perfect 365.


3. Black: For those who only want to see black and white. Instagram features a bunch of decent black-and-white filters, but none are as good as those seen in Black. The app is very easy to use since you only have to swipe left or right to apply different filters, which are designed to mimic actual film such as the Fuji Neopan 400, Kodak TRI-x 400, and Lomography Lady Grey. For further customization, tools such as curves, vignette, and fade are also available. Black is available on iOS free of charge, but you’d have to spend extra for the more advanced options.



4. Layout: Create cute photo collages. Spamming your friends with your photos from the same set can be, to be frank, quite annoying (especially if they’re just selfies from varying angles). But if you still want to post them in one go, Instagram has a lovely solution for you—Layout. It’s a collage app that allows you to post multiple images without earning the ire of your followers. You’ll get more likes this way rather than posting two or more photos consecutively.


5. Hyperlapse: Time-lapse videos minus the cost and the hassle. Transform your shaky videos into terrific time lapses using Instagram’s own Hyperlapse. As you know, creating such videos would require you to hold a camera still for a significant duration, which could be usually done properly only with professional filming equipment. The app negates the need for expensive gear, and you won’t have to worry that much about keeping still since it features stabilization technology that allows you to craft truly cinematic clips.


6. Boomerang: Moments on loop. There are moments in life that you simply want to go on and on and on. Capture them with Boomerang and you could play these moments on loop! It’s so easy to use: find a moving subject, press the button, and the app will automatically create a GIF-like video for you! This one is tons of fun.



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