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Fitspiration: Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico's Sizzlin' Couple Workouts

Fitspiration: Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico's Sizzlin' Couple Workouts

Fact: Having a reliable workout buddy helps heaps in pushing you harder towards the realization of your fitness goals. And if that buddy is none other than your special someone, then even better, because workouts will literally get sweeter. Perfectly illustrating why couple workouts rock are Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico, who are both fitness buffs in their own right (Solenn's even got a #sosworkout hashtag on Instagram!), and together, truly define #relationshipgoals—them epitomizing love in its purest form, supporting each other's endeavors while looking amazing in just about everything they do, and even when they're totally not exerting any effort at all.

Making post-workout kissing so sexy.


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Solenn and Nico with their game faces on.


Here's how #SosBolz conquers the fitness department together:


1. Boxing is a good way to sweat out the excess calories and work out all the muscle groups.


Morning routine. #casapulgosa #sosworkout

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2. A whole body workout for Solenn, and an intense ab workout for Nico.


#SorryNotSorry ?? @nicobolzicco#sosworkout

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3. Forget basic pushups. Increase the level of complexity (by serving as weights for each other, for instance) for better results.


Gising na kayo! At sabay natin mag push up. Lol #SosWorkout

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4. You're in this together—what else can be more romantic?


Death by @kickboxxed #sosworkout

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5. If fitness is really your thing, you can even spice things up through one-on-one competitions outside of the gym.


6. Oh, and a guy who's willing to be your punching bag, definitely loves you. Right, Nico?


A couple that worksout together......sweats together . #deep hahahah @nicobolzicco #sosworkout

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