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The Six Fix: Ways to Keep Happiness in Line with Success, According to Denise, Gretchen, and Sam

The Six Fix: Ways to Keep Happiness in Line with Success, According to Denise, Gretchen, and Sam

How do you define the ultimate girl peg? Is it by of her looks? Her personality? Her brains? Or the overall aura she exudes? If you ask us, three words are enoughsmart, strong, and empowered. 

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Searching for these girl pegs are not as hard as you think it might be. During Lifestyle TV and Working Mom Magazine's Mother's Day Picnic event, we found three ladies who embody those characteristics and more: Actress and singer Denise Laurel, volleyball heroine and host Gretchen Ho, and radio and TV personality Sam Oh.

But being superwomen does not entitle them to a flawless fate. While stellar stars in their respective fields, each also encountered her share of mishaps and triumphs before they reached their status. But thankfully, they have a set of guidelines to keep their sanity in checkabide by their get-happy list, especially when the going gets tough:


1. Don't box yourself into the norm. "You don’t necessarily have follow what society tells you to be at a certain age," Sam shares. We're all in different stages at different points in our lives, and just because everyone's a multi-hypenate at 25 doesn't mean you should be, too. You'll get where you want and need to be, in your own terms. 



2. Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers. Always think positively and take time to breathe and relax. Maintain a sunny disposition despite the challenges that come your way. 


3. Be comfortably confident. As Denise enthuses, "Embrace who you are and make it work." Get rid of your insecurities, be open to your strengths and weaknesses, and have an open mind towards learning everything. When you accept who you are, you stop comparing yourself with others, thus, making you happier. "Don’t compete with everybody. Compete with yourself," she adds. [related: Daily Diaries: What's Wrong with Being (Over)Confident?]


4. Stay active. Gretchen, an Ateneo Lady Eagles alumna, is always on the move. Motion is key to a great well-being; aside from the happy hormones you release when you stretch those muscles, you give yourself an excuse to a retail therapy for a nice pair of rubber shoes. "With a pair of rubber shoes, you can be ready with anything that life will throw at you," she justifies. Indeed!



5. Always strike a balance. Modern ladies tend to go overboardtheir careers, their love life, their family and everything else on their priority list. Denise, who juggles being an actress and a mom, relates to this very much. "I try to make everyone happy that I forget that I'm falling apart," she narrates. "But I figured that I can make everyone happy, but I can be happier. You gravitate the world towards you; they'll love hanging out with you and you bless them with laughter and glee. So don’t forget about that."



6. Take your heart wherever you go. No matter what you do, never face your battles half-hearted. Gretchen advises to give your 110%, and always keep a kind heart.


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Photographs by Krista Rodriguez (banner) and from,, and Instagram/d_laurel




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