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In Focus: Wil Dasovich, Making Travel Vlogging Look So Cute

In Focus: Wil Dasovich, Making Travel Vlogging Look So Cute

Albeit a California native, Wil’s curiosity and love for the Philippines (after just one visit!) has made him stay in the country, and create videos about his life here and appreciation of Philippine culture. “Basically, doing anything out of the ordinary and really experiencing the real culture and everything out there,” Dasovich says of what he aims to achieve when shooting his videos that can be found at his YouTube channel Tsong and Tsonggo. Wil is also one of the members of's Lifestyle Council, and he'll be answering your questions on traveling, life, and vlogging via his upcoming column (head over to our Facebook page to learn how to send your questions).

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From touring around Pangasinan, Baguio, Boracay, and Palawan, to trying out exotic food like rats and balut, and immersing himself in noontime shows, Wil has been having a blast in the two years he has been in the Philippines, and still discovers new things about Philippine culture as the days go by. “I got trapped in here and I’m basically here to have fun,” Wil shares.

His advice to those who want to follow his ways of exploring the Philippines in its entirety? “Even if you’re scared, step out of your comfort zone,” an advice which explains why Wil considers himself a practical person, prioritizing on his travels rather than on clothes.

In his pursuit to explore Philippine culture, Wil makes sure to always go the extra mile (literally and figuratively), just like how he explored the Batangueno dialect in his “The Art of Tagalog” series. In a hilarious yet informative manner, he explains the distinct characteristics of the Batangueno dialect, along with words unique to it, with the help of famous Batangueno, actor-director Leo Martinez.

How did he fare? Check out the video below:


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Photograph from Video from Wil Dasovich's YouTube Channel




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