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The Six Fix: Lessons on Living It Real that You Can Learn from Baste Duterte

The Six Fix: Lessons on Living It Real that You Can Learn from Baste Duterte

The limelight of the politician will always be shared by their familyespecially if their looks are likely to catch the eye of the masses.

[related: Get to Know: 9 Millenial Politicians to Watch Out For] The incoming president's son is no exemption, and while he exudes a ruggedly sexy demeanor, he's acually a shy dude. Sebastian Duterte's charm made quite a buzz among netizens, which led to a throng of girls crushing on him and evengasp!asking for his hand in marriage, expressed through tweets! But more than being an instant hearththrob (he's curently being compared to Game of Thrones' Kit Harrington), the 29-year-old is more concerned about living it real and helping make a difference in Davao. We won't blame you for crushing hard on himhere are lessons to pick up from the guy of the moment:


1. Own up to your mistakes and move forward with your head held high. He failed in high school, but got back up right and finished college; he had two children from his past flames, but did not escape this responsibility. Baste, as he is known to many, does not wallow on his failures but faces them, the real man that he is. Everything he's been through is a challenge, and just like him, right after the struggles, at the end of the day, we must all move on and walk with hope and confidence towards tomorrow.


2. Follow your heart. Finishing Political Science at the Ateneo de Davao University is a sign that he's likely to follow his father's footsteps of being a politician. But fast forward to present and he's making girls kilig by playing music with his band and strutting his hot bod at the beach, surfing away. Passion wins, no matter what.


3. Don't feel the pressure of settling down, despite your age. Okay, so he's 29 and unmarried. At that age, there's the pressure of tying the knot. But it seems Baste knows betterhe'll take the vow when he's all set and ready for family life.


4. Keep your feet on the ground. He doesn't get swayed by the fame; he'd rather stay away from the spotlight and live his normal life in Davao. He always acknowledges his 'fans' but never to the point of vanityhe's polite when he replies to their tweets and never lets a photo opp down. But despite the whole nation knowing his name, he's still the down-to-earth Baste he's always been. [related: The Six Fix: What We'll Miss and Won't Miss about the Elections]


5. You are an individual outside the shadow of your parents. As previously mentioned, he veered away from politics even with his family and school background. He stepped out on his own, not as Baste the mayor's, and now, the presumptive president's son but as Bast the rock star, the surfer, and the business man.


6. But heed your parents' advice. His father, presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte, told him not to take his judgment harshly but instead use it to better himself and pursue his goals. He listened, and got the diploma he's been eyeing on. Do have your own beliefs, but it won't hurt to pay attention to the learning the 'rents impart to you.


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