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The Six Fix: Easy to Do Hairstyle Ideas to Help You Beat the Heat

The Six Fix: Easy to Do Hairstyle Ideas to Help You Beat the Heat

Our humid weather has gone on to be extra crazy this year, it's really no wonder more and more women are getting their locks chopped off—and if you're one of those who have the tenacity to brave the heat and the stickiness the go with it, we salute you. We've also got a reward for you: A curated list of Sofia Andres' cutest hairstyles that will help you beat the heat. 

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Forget your good 'ol ponytail, with these 'dos, you'll feel fresh and breezy in utmost style:


1. The side braid. This can be done even by the little ones.


2. Pigtail braids. Transport yourself back to your carefree childhood days with this classic style.


3. Loose, low ponytail. Free yourself from the basicness of the typical ponytail. Do as the French women do and keep yours tied effortlessly by your nape.


4. The top knot. A Sofia Andres staple (and a favorite of many other 'it' girls like Julia Barretto, Kathryn Bernardo, and internationally, Gigi Hadid, among others), this makes you look very now. Just be sure to not make it to messy or else you'll look as if you're off to do the laundry in pambahay.


5. The accessorized top knot. Glam up by way of white lace, crocheted, or bejewelled headbands.


6. Brushed all the way to one side. If you prefer keeping your hair down, alleviate the init by sweeping your locks off all to one side, creating an abstract deep side part.


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