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Daily Diaries: Choosing Love in Many Ways

Daily Diaries: Choosing Love in Many Ways

Choosing love isn’t just about changing your relationship status; it’s way deeper than believing in happily ever after, wearing a ring on your finger, and championing those #relationshipgoals. Here are meaningful ways you can choose it, with or without a special someone in your life:


1.  Choose love over boredom. There are more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines. Where’s the fun in staying in just one place? Meet new people, experience a different culture, learn a new language, do thrilling activities—you’ll love every moment of it! 


2. Choose love over worry. It’s either you spend your days worrying or you keep on hoping for the best. Stressing over things you can’t control is slow suicide. Get up, enjoy the warmth of the sun, and fall in love with the little things. 


3. Choose love over pain. Love can't grow in a troubled heart. Anger will always fuel pain and suffering. Get the strength to let go and love your stronger, more resilient heart.


4. Choose love over insecurity. Find your missing pieces, ignite your passion, and be happy in your own skin. Before anything else, be the kind of person you want to love first.


5. Choose love over fearNothing should stop you from chasing your dreams. Not even your greatest fear. Your heart's desire may sometimes scare you, but that signifies you're on the right path. Take risks, live boldly, and choose love. Just like what Kryz Uy did.

In this video, Kryz Uy and Slater Young share why they choose to love despite being polar opposites. “Life is more colorful and more meaningful with love. What is life if you don’t have anyone to share it with?” Kryz says about her love for Slater. Watch the full story here:

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Celebrating and choosing love empower Filipinas, thus, the launch of Revlon's #ChooseLove campaign. The leading international makeup brand encourages everyone to wear kiss marks as badges. Post photos of your kiss marks or of you blowing kisses on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. Then, put a caption with the hashtags #ChooseLove and #RevlonPH. Unique, witty, and heartfelt photos will be displayed on Revlon's digital billboard across the Metro.

Choosing love means choosing yourself. It's about getting the love and happiness you deserve. Forget everything that holds you back and #ChooseLove. Always.


For more Revlon updates, like them on Facebook (Revlon Philippines) and follow them on Twitter (@revlon_ph) and Instagram (@revlonph).


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