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Cheat Sheet: Discover the Best Type of Bangs for Your Face Shape

Cheat Sheet: Discover the Best Type of Bangs for Your Face Shape

Whether bangs are swept off to the side, feathered across the forehead, or just in their just-rolled-out-of-bed mussed up face framing vibe, there's no denying they can totally change and perk up your look. Just as makeup can mask your imperfections, so can certain hairstyles, and bangs, in particular, can instantly make you look chic, young, and fresh.

Bangs can enhance any face shape if you wear them the right way. For square-faced girls, bangs that are cut too straight-across can only emphasize the same angles in the jaw line which is exactly what you're trying to soften, so avoid them at all costs. Opt for long-side swept fringe or heavy bangs to soften your face and balance out the strong jaw line as this can easily make your face look top heavy. 

If you're round-faced, the right bang cut can actually give you the illusion that your face is longer. The bangs should be graphic, thick, and hit just right above the eyebrows. Major side-swept bangs, on the other hand, perfectly suit ladies with heart-shaped facesbangs should focus on making the top feel less heavy.

And the most ideal, the oval face shape—with its width and length perfectly balanced, any style will do, be it full bangs with choppy ends, blunt, curtain, sideswept and layered.

If you’re considering taking the big chop but need a little push, scroll through Janella Salvador's bangin' looks, which prove just how versatile bangs can be:


Ethereal waves. These endless layers are to die for! While the side pieces appear slightly messy, the bangs are stick straight and frizz-free, so your hair won't seem to look as if hinangin sya sa labas.


Messy Hair Don't Care. Long bangs are iconic as far as pretty messy hairstyles go, Look at Janella's wind-swept hair that still looks effortlessly chic!


Sideswept Style. Any face shape can benefit from side bangs—be it long side bangs, fancy side waves, or simply straight-on slanted, side bangs remain a favorite for many seasons in a row.


Subtle bangs. Soft and feathered bangs are best for girls with fine hair—this keeps your hair look super feminine, fresh, and on trend, sans the major commitment that full bangs require.



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