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Family First: How to Make Your Mom Your Best Friend, According to Kathryn Bernardo

Family First: How to Make Your Mom Your Best Friend, According to Kathryn Bernardo

Our Teen Queen is all grown up—but even if Kathryn Bernardo is now in full bloom, at the end of each day, she's still the little girl that Mommy Min raised. They've achieved a kind of closeness that is a raritya bond that marks them not only as mother-and-daughter, but as best friends, too. Envy Kath and Mommy Min? We caught up with her at the Lifestyle TV and Working Mom Mother's Day Picnic event, and she spilled the secrets to her and her mom's relationshipmake yours as special as this tandem's!


1. Make time for your mom. Of course, in every kind of relationship, you have to invest time in strengthening your bond with the other person. Spending time with your mom more, whether it's doing each other's nails or hanging out in a coffee shop, will make you feel at ease around her. [related: PMAP Talks: Summers are for Moms, Too]


2. Don't be afraid to open up to her. Kath shares, "You should be open to your mom. Kasi pag nagtatago ka, for sure, nararamdaman niya 'yan. Dati nahihiya akong mag-open up, but now feeling ko safe ako and hindi niya ako ija-judge." If there is one person in the world who you can trust your whole life with, it's your mom. Tell her stories of how your day has been, your opinions on certain topics, or even your crush in school. Real friends keep the faith in each other.


3. Find your common interests and take it from there. For Kath and Mommy Min, bonding time means going to the spa, getting makeovers at the salon, getting a mani- and pedi-, and all the other girly stuff you can think of. She says she's lucky that her mom is someone who deeply understands and relates to her, despite their age gap. Do the same and discover what your common ground with your mom is. [related: The Six Fix: Sweet Ways to Make Your Mom's Day Uber Special]


4. Listen. Out of all the things that will make your mom your best friend, this one will have the greatest impact of alllistening. Kath highly values this; she's always one to listen to her mom. She recalls, "She told me, even when I was a kid until now, that I should always give my 100% best." By fully absorbing what your mom is saying, it means you appreciate and care for her opinion.


5. Be there for each other. The Teen Queen narrates this one time with her mom. "Super down ako that time, then siya 'yung nakita kong nag-stay strong para sa'kin. Para ko siyang naging rock. Kung wala siya, hindi ko alam kung paano ko iha-handle 'yung situation." Be each other's support system and move mountains; just by looking at Kath and Mommy Min, you know that they can win every battle together.


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