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PMAP Talks: Summers are for Moms, Too

PMAP Talks: Summers are for Moms, Too


By Miguel Lasala (@miguel_lasala16 on Instagram)

Summer is almost over, and millenials are sure making the most out of it before they get back to their usual routines—with school schedules scrambling due to change of education programs, they're all over summer events and parties, the most recent one being LaBoracay 2016.

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However, let us not forget that summer is also a chance to spend more time with our family. This May, we highlight the wonder women in our livesour moms. Making our moms feel special shouldn’t only be during Mother’s Day, but every day, in every way we can.

Here are five tips to make your mom feel more special:


1. Make an effort to talk to her more. These days, we are so preoccupied with refreshing our feeds that we sometimes take our mom’s presence for granted. Take some time during your day to catch up with her, or simply send her a little text while you go about your day!


2. Help out with her chores. You can help in doing the laundry, washing the dishes, or even cleaning the house. She will surely appreciate some break from all the responsibilities of keeping the house tidy!


3. Take her out on a pamper day. Who doesn’t love a relaxing massage, or a little beauty treat?


4. Treat her to dinner. A date night with your mom will surely make her feel special.


5. Always be thankful and show your love. Always remember to keep her close to your heart.


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