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The Six Fix: Love Advice You Should Heed from the Titas of this Generation

The Six Fix: Love Advice You Should Heed from the Titas of this Generation

Having older people (read: dubbed as the Titas of this gen) teach us about dealing with #adultproblems (the ever complicated game of love included) we’re going to encounter in the future is helpful, no doubt, because, as they say, they have, “been there, done that.” Which practically tells us that they know what to do. These ladies have outgrown this “children’s play,” even stepping up to claim their lives unattached. As conservative as they may sometimes sound, they only choose what they think is bestto avoid falling trap to sticky situations, it pays to heed their sensible words. Learn from them, and pocket their advice in case the moment calls for it:


1. Habang bata ka pa, get your priorities straight. School or work, friends, family, future business, the list goes ondon’t run out of things to be busy with. You’re young, you have a lifetime in your hands before settling for the love you think you deserve.


2. By all means, guard your heart. See a player coming your way? Take the opposite route instead of bumping straight to someone who’ll just give you head and heart pain. Titas know how hard it is to deal with shattered hearts and mend its pieces. So it’s better if you just focus your energy on productive things, like fulfilling your passion. This way, you’ll avoid all the unnecessary drama in life. [related: The D Word: When A Woman Loves A Man]


3. Don’t give in to pressure. What’s great about the older group is they know what they want, so sticking to it is easy. Just because everyone’s pairing up with someone doesn’t mean you should, especially if you’re not yet ready!


4. Better things come to those who wait. Patience is a constant word in their vocabulary, and they believe that true love waits. There’s no need to rush; what’s coming will come, you’ll soon enough realize.


5. Learn from other’s mistakes. Listen to their tales of love lost and found then lost again, perfect love at the wrong time, umasa/nagpaasa, or us-against-the-world love. Note the wrongs and rights, and when you get in a similar situation, don’t make the same error. Correct yourself before you fall into an emotional trap.


6. Don’t search for love. It’s when you least expect it that love will come your way. Stop doing desperate things to get a guy to notice you (they have done those; think of the countless blind dates or putting too much makeup for "EBs"things they’ll live to regret for the rest of their lives). Relax, and trust that he’s on his way to you. [related: The D Word: The Four Types of Men Who May Be Roadblocks to Your Happily Ever After]


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Photos screengrabbed from Viva Entertainment's Youtube channel




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