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Daily Diaries: The Tale of @loveliness and Alma Moreno—When Funny Goes Overboard

Daily Diaries: The Tale of @loveliness and Alma Moreno—When Funny Goes Overboard

Admit it or not, you had, at some point, laughed, or at the very least, smiled at one of the many shared posts/memes from the parody Twitter account @lovelinessalma, in reference to actress and senatorial candidate Alma Moreno. But what if the joke was on you—how would you feel when what started as something seemingly harmless, given that you're a public figure and can be interpreted many ways, goes too far? On Tonight with Boy Abunda, Alma herself shared how the tactless posts by @lovelinessalma have hurt her, undermining her whole persona, despite the fact that there's much more to her than what is being posted on social media.

Here are five key takeaways from the tale of @lovelinessalma and Alma Moreno, so we can all be responsible netizens, election season or not:


1. Parody accounts should have a disclaimer.

If just have too much time on your hands so you decide to create a parody account mocking someone, don’t forget to add a disclaimer. People nowadays tend to believe everything they see online—@loveliness surely fooled a lot.


2. Research first before mocking.

With all the insults Alma has received from @lovelinessalma, people have forgotten that she does have her fair share of accomplishments as a politician. A browse through her website would have helped in reducing the insults hurled at her.


3. When making fun of others, don’t be reckless.

Preno-preno din minsan, girl. Calling Alma, and anybody else for that matter, stupid or tanga is going way out of line, even at the most basic level—manners and common courtesy are things we shouldn't ever forget. She may have made fun of herself during the campaign, but that should not totally discredit her from all her accomplishments in life.


4. Learn when to stop.

Social media is so powerful that whatever idea we share through them can totally cement people's thinking—let's be careful not to churn out negativity and mockery, they're definitely not healthy for anyone.


5. Hurling insults online is a form of cyberbullying.

While people would agree that she did make a few blunders these past few months, Alma ultimately did not deserve all of this negative talk over social media, a fact one user clearly pointed out in his tweet.


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Banner photograph screencapped from Tonight with Boy Abunda.  @lovelinessalma has alrrady been deactivatedby Twitter, but a new parody account, @lovelinesalma, now exists.





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