Cheat Sheet: Perfect that Selfie with These Tips from Photographer to the Stars BJ Pascual

Cheat Sheet: Perfect that Selfie with These Tips from Photographer to the Stars BJ Pascual

Time to get down to business: You love taking selfies, but couldn't quite snap the perfect shots; or perhaps it takes hours for you to get that one photo you'd want to post online and show the world. Thank your lucky stars that blogger Nicole Andersson decided to ask celebrity photographer BJ Pascual the million-peso question that will surely save your selfie-loving self. Here are his five pro secrets:


1. Watch your jawline. BJ swears by the "forehead forward, chin down" look, as it helps emphasize your jawline, and hide your double chin. "Instant contour siya," BJ candidly adds.


2. Know your lighting. Not all places are meant to give you the best selfie shot because of the lighting conditions, and BJ suggests that you avoid overhead and low lighting as they tend to give a ghost effect to your selfies. The best lighting for that perfect selfie? By the window, utilizing natural light!


3. Practice makes perfect. Taking a good selfie means several so-so takes before getting it right. Take it from BJ: "It won't hurt anyone," he says. But remember: No mass uploading of selfies on social media, please.


4. Do high angles. There's a good reason why most good selfies are taken from a high angle: Aside from making you look thinner, they also help in making your eyes look bigger and your face look narrower. 


5. Put your face in the middle of the frame. Majority of smartphones sold these days are equipped with wide angle lenses, which do have a tendency to distort objects. BJ's expert advice? Compose your selfie with your face in the middle of the frame, as this area is the least likely to have a distortion due to wide angle lenses. 

Check out the video of blogger Nicole Andersson and BJ's candid conversation on the said topic, along with BJ's demo of his tips:


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Banner photo from / Video from Nicole Andersson's YouTube Channel




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