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The Six Fix: All the Sweet Things the Robredo Sisters Do in the Name of Sibling Love

The Six Fix: All the Sweet Things the Robredo Sisters Do in the Name of Sibling Love

Want to give your sis some lovin' but find it hard to express your affection towards her? Let this trio be your guidelearn from Aika, Tricia and Jillian, who perfectly define the ultimate #SisterGoals:

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1. They go out like bestfriends. Even if they are several years apart, their bond is unwaveredthey're frequently seen together, not just in campaigns, but in a lot of random moments wherever. Case in point: UAAP Women's Volleyball game, supporting Aika and Tricia's alma mater, Ateneo, of course! Be like them: Find out your sis' hangout places and try asking her if you can come with her, or get involved with her interests. She likes keeping fit? Join her late afternoon jog in UP! Or maybe she's into arts and crafts, why not pick up your art tools and help her in her latest project?


2. They don't forget to be kids every once in a while. Tricia snaps a photo of Jillian on the latter's first day like she's in preparatory, even if she's already in 10th grade. These sisters acknowledge that they're all growing up, but they know that from time to time, it's okay to reminisce and treat each other like it's the early '00 days. Be like them: If you're the older one, put down your stern vibe and be the first to do the lambing at times. If you're the younger one, bring out the child in your atedo the things you used to do as kids and watch her giggle just like old times!


3. They love expressing their love for each other. Teasing your sib is one of the cutest forms of showing your affection, but they take it up a notch with short, sweet posts on social media. Be like them: If you're feeling shy, find other ways to demonstrate your love: Make a pet name for her, secretly stash her favorite chocolate bar inside her bag, or simply greet her with "good morning!" each day before you all go out of the house. Most of the time, the simplest gestures are the key to the heart.


4. They travel together. Sharing memorable experiences outside the confines of their home brings them closer as a family. Having someone enthusiastic to talk to about your most recent trip over dinner or before bedtime results to longer conversations. Plus, you get to know your sister on another levelhow adventurous she is, what she's afraid of, and a lot more. Be like them: Received an email notif on plane seat sales? Book right away and drag your sister along! Plan everything togetherwhere to stay, what to eat, what to do, and of course, what to buy for pasalubong when you get back. Your deeper bond do not start only when you ride that plane, but as soon as you discuss the details. Super win!


5. They arrange study dates. These sisters help and support each other in every wayacads included. They hit two birds with one stonefinishing school stuff while spending time together! Be like them: Whether it's your sister who's struggling with Math or you, give the assurance that you're there to help. Prepare your class notes or books for some reference and give it to her for those lessons you've already taken, or be her patient tutor. You'll be beaming for sure after she perfects her next exam, thanks to you.


6. They put family first. After all the things that they went through, they became stronger by holding on to each other through thick and thin. Be like them: It's never too late to appreciate your family. Together with your siblings, make your family a priority. You'll only have one in your lifetime, don't waste time ignoring them and do everything to be intact.


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