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The Six Fix: The Rewards You'll Reap If You Get A Workout Buddy

The Six Fix: The Rewards You'll Reap If You Get A Workout Buddy

When going to the gym becomes a chore, it's easy to lose it and give up. But you know you can't because being used to it and not sweating the bad stuff out feels, well, gross. The solutionwhy not find a gym buddy? It can be anyoneyour bestfriend or your mom or your boyfriend. A gym buddy is beneficial to your routine, in more ways than one:


1. You have instant motivation. We all have those lazy days. But a gym buddy will give you a lift and encourage you to pack your gym stuff and drag you to the treadmill. Being on the same page with them can boost your confidence and commitment to working out. Coleen Garcia, who's into fitness, helped her mom get into this lifestyle. And together, they found the perfect workout for her! [related: Fitspiration: Instagram Trainers Dish on Secret to Staying Motivated]


2. You share the feeling of hardship and pull through it together. Jasmine Curtis-Smith captions, "Super struggling,' in a photo working out with Tracy Ayson, but knowing that someone is there doing and feeling the same increased her drive to continue. [related: Workout Wisdom: Five Really Effective Workouts to Help You Get the Body of Your Dreams]


3. It's never boring. Mirror selfies, abs face-offs, and workout goofs—just look at this cute photo of Dominic Roque and his friends post-workout—are reasons why every session just becomes even more fun and enjoyable. Taking joy in what you're doing makes you look forward to the nextestablishing a more long-term commitment to the activity.


4. There's the presence of healthy competition. Who's got the best body among these three? A bit of challenge brings out one's competitive nature, and a gym buddy can give you that. One upping one another is a great way to a fitter youfilling you with the desire to be better and to push harder. If she's better with situps, do better on leg work. Or better yet, go on a dare with each other to see who loses weight the fastest! #GameFaceOn


5. You don't get off track. With someone constantly checking on your progress, you get to focus on your goal better. There will always be someone to remind you why you're there, toning your muscles or trying to lose weight, and what this is for. Your motives become strongerthus, consistency in the time and effort you exert.


6. You have someone to learn from. A shy person may be too conscious to ask for help from strangers, so a buddy whom you're comfortable with is exactly who you need to accompany you in learning both easy and hard workouts. We each possess a variety of skills, and he may know other exercises or techniques to help you yield better results. Just keep an open mind and master those workouts together.


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