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Beauty Inspo: 5 Mani Ideas to Stylize Your Indelible Ink-Stained Nail

Beauty Inspo: 5 Mani Ideas to Stylize Your Indelible Ink-Stained Nail

That indelible ink stain on your right index finger is your badge of honor as a responsible citizen of the Philippines, who exercised her right to vote on May 9—but we really can’t blame you if you want it concealed, or even hidden completely, because while it’s uso and nationalistic, it does have a tendency to cramp one’s style. We've compiled five ways to jazz up your nails in the aftermath of Halalan 2016:

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1. Elegant black and white. Beauty blogger Nicole Romero's mani by I Do Nails from weeks back is a great peg if you just want to complement the indelible ink stain on your nail.


2. Embellished black. But if you want to hide it totally, go full-on black; add some sparkly glitters you want it more girly, like DJ Karen Bordador's by I Do Nails.


3. Moody black. Or just goback to basics in simple black, a la Arci Muñoz's mani by Posh Nails, or a similar deep shade like plum or maroon.

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4. Rouge allure. If you're a red lover like model and host Georgina Wilson, apply several coats of polish so the stain won't be able to peek through (manicure by Beauty & Butter).


5. Funky French tips. Try out unusual French mani combinations—purple and black is on point, as seen in this photo of Kelly Misa (mani by I Do Nails).


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