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Cheat Sheet: Your Guide to the Best Fragrance Combinations for Every Moment

Cheat Sheet: Your Guide to the Best Fragrance Combinations for Every Moment

They say you’re never fully dressed without a smile—but we say you aren’t, too, if you're not enveloped in a lovely scent. In this tropical country of ours, sweating is as common as breathing, and if you don’t pay enough attention to your hygiene, even the chicest of outfits nor the most expensive of handbags won’t matter.

If you’ve already found your signature scent, who says you can’t take things to the next level anymore? Enter fragrance combining a.k.a scent layering. According to Joanne Bautista, fragrance expert of Jo Malone London in the Philippines, fragrance combining seals your entire look and can make a whole world of difference in making you stand out: “Bespoke scents will make you feel special and unique in your own way—we also help you match it to your signature look. It’s really like having a wardrobe of fragrance as well.”

At Jo Malone, they usually ask their clients if they want their scents warmer or deeper, and from there they suggest scents to try from among their plethora of offerings. “We always recommend Liime Basil and Mandarin as the base, because it’s very unique and very fresh and it’s easy to combine with different scents. If you want a more energized scent, we add more citrus; if more playful is your thing, we go fruity,” she explains.

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Jo Malone’s Spring Collection, Herb Garden, perfectly summer-fies the existing scents in their brand’s fragrance portfolio: There’s Wild Strawberry and Parsley (sweet with a peppery tinge), Sorrel and Lemon Thyme (fruity and breezy); Nasturtium and Clover (cool and flowery), Carrot Blossom and Fennel (fresh with a touch of whimsy), Lavander and Coriander (androgynous but with a hint of sweetness).

Make sure you smell fabulous whether you’re out on a date or just sweating it at out the gym with these fragrance combination recos from Joanne:


Lime Basil and Mandarin + English pear and fressia = Sporty and Invigorating perfect for when you’re working out.


English Pear and Freesia + Nectarine Blossom and Honey = Fresh and rejuvenating, to re-energize you for afternoon meetings.


Peony and Blush Suede or Blackberry and Grape + Pomegranate Noir = Sensual but mysterious, perfect for date night when you want to be seductive but not strong.


Sorrel and Lemon Thyme + Earl Grey and Tea = Fresh, perfect to finish off your sophisticated look every day.


Why settle for a signature fragrance when you can smell uniquely you (remember, different scents settle, and smell, differently on people) through fragrance combining?


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