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The Six Fix: Morena Beauty Cheats Ylona Garcia Swears By

The Six Fix: Morena Beauty Cheats Ylona Garcia Swears By

A morena girl's hunt for makeup can sometimes be a challenge. Picking up safe choices from the shelves has become a habit, and experimenting on other shades can be quite daunting. While going white can be a possible solution, it's still better to embrace your natural skin color—all you need are some guidelines to help you choose what to get the next time you shop for beauty buys in the stores.

Let Pinoy Big Brother 737 Second Teen Big Placer Ylona Garcia, who's one of the most beautiful morenas today inspire you to keep your golden glow on point at all times.

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To know her beauty cheats, we asked her makeup artist, Eman de Leon, on what beauty look works best for morena girls just like Ylona:


1. For the eyes. "Never be afraid to use any eyeshadow color on morena skin," says Eman. If you feel like the color is not flattering on you, blend it with somehing neutral to achieve the desired effect. Also, do an Ylona and draw a tiny version of a winged eye. Also, "lashes galore," adds Eman.


2. For blemishes and discolorations. An orange or peach-toned concealer is your best friend. It doesn't appear ashy and corrects unwanted marks on the skin.


3. For your foundation. Eman's advice? "Use three shades with yellow and olive undertonesone that's a little lighter than the skin tone for areas that need to be highlighted, one dark to be applied on areas that need to be shaded, and one in the middle of the skin tone to be blended on highlighted and shaded parts." It provides a corrected version of the natural skin.


4. For concealer and foundation setting. Just like your foundation, shades in yellow and olive undertones are a must. But in some cases, orange or peach works, too! Just make sure to not overuse these shades.


5. For glowing skin. First, begin with proper skincare. Ylona never fails to put on moisturizer and sunblock on a daily basis, remove makeup before going to bed, and apply eye cream as early as now. [related: Beauty Spotlight: Skincare Tips You WIsh You Knew When You Were Younger]

For girls who need a bit of help though, any shade of blush is okay. "A little bit of shimmer or even frost powder on top of the middle part of the blushed area can add a glow," Eman shares.


6. For the lips. She exfoliates her lips thrice a week, as a smooth pout is key to flawless lipstick application. Be bold with your choice of lip color! The cheat here is blending, again, with neutrals if it looks unnatural on you.


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