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The Six Fix: What You Should Do to Make the Most Out of Election Day 2016

The Six Fix: What You Should Do to Make the Most Out of Election Day 2016

You've done your part: You have, after much thought, research, and prayer, trooped to the polling precinct to cast your vote, and you leave with a stain of ink in your index finger. Now, as we await the results of the national and local elections, why don't we enjoy what's left of this non-working holiday while showing the world how we Pinoys take this historic event seriously:


1. Share a photo of your indelible-inked finger. While you are not allowed to take selfies with your ballot or while inside the precinct, the least you can do to show that you have voted is by taking a photo of your finger stained with indelible ink.

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2. Treat yourself. That stained index finger of yours works as your coupon for freebies, from a free upsize and fries, to food discounts galore—make the most of these delicious offersas they're good for today only.

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3. Have a manicure. After using that ink-stained finger of yours to avail of the treats mentioned above, is your fashion-conscious self nagging you to clean up that stain? Indelible ink will stay on that nail of yours for days, weeks, even, so if you want to conceal it head over to the nail salon and get an artsy mani.

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4. Keep updated. Stay tuned to the news, whether through TV, radio, or social media, to be in the know about the recent developments in the elections, and to get a heads up on who is leading the race. Check out this list for credible sources of election-related updates.


5. Pray. Regardless of who you voted for, for sure we're one in hoping that the whole election process, from the casting of our votes to the declaration of winners, will be organized and peaceful. Election Day is a day where Filipinos become united in their desire for a better Philippines, after all.


6. Support whoever will win. If your candidate(s) of choice win, then congratulations for you. But whatever the results may be, may each one of us support all those who will get elected and hope and pray for the coming administration.


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