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The Six Fix: Fashion Dos to Follow If You Want to Channel the Diaz Fabness

The Six Fix: Fashion Dos to Follow If You Want to Channel the Diaz Fabness

A scroll through the Instagram feeds of 'it' girls @ilovegeorgina, @isabelledaza, and @ilovemartine can give anyone serious life envy—and at #TheBurnands wedding early this month, we all bore (virtual) witness to the fact that there's more perfection where they came from. In full support of Georgina's wedding to British businessman Arthur Burnand, majority of the lovely and handsome Diazes from all over the world flew to London and on social media, we caught a glimpse of how loving and real they all are towards each other, no matter accomplished they are in their own right.

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Jess and Georgina during #TheBurnands wedding


Cousins/bestfriends: Isabelle, Georgina, Jessica, and Martine


Joining Isabelle, Martine, and several of Georgina's friends in the bridal entourage are Georgina's youngest sibling, Jessica, who was maid of honor, and Ava, Isabelle's younger sister. Then we also saw more of the only Wilson brother, Sam, plus met Martine's sister, Andrea Hawken, and brother, former actor Robin da Roza ('90s kids would sure recognize his name, but you probably didn't know he's a Diaz, too), and the other Diaz men Mojofly drummer Ali Alejandro, and social entrepreneur Illac Diaz (he's a leader in building sustainable housing for the less fortunate in developing countries). We bet you weren't able to help but ogle at these eye candies, yes?

With their beautiful mothers (Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz, Isabelle and Ava's mom and late beauty queen and actress Rio Diaz, Ali's mom), it's really no wonder that the Diaz cousins are all so stunning.

Sam and Jess are super close, as seen on their numerous Instagram photos.


Cousin love in Winchester

Along with their striking good looks is their stellar style game—with such a close-knit bond among them, they have greatly influenced each other in many aspects, including fashion. Here are some of their effortlessly coolest looks and and how you can copy them (great references for twinning shots with your besties or siblings, too!):


1. Cover ups takes you from simple to sophisticated. This simple add-on can level up your outfit in an instant, the key is to get playful with blazers or jackets in different colors. And wear it like these stylish ladies: Let it hang on your shoulders lazily for a scenestealing moment.


2. Denim will forever be a staple. Never run out of denim items in your closet, like them. Update simple jeans with prints or go plain and rock trendy jeans styles, like jumper shorts.


3. Favorite print? Stripes. It seems like stripes are one of their forever go-to prints. From their pants and shirts, to their bikinis, the Diazes know how to harness the style power of this classic print. Thin-framed? Go head-to-toe horizontal. Want longer legs? Get striped pants!


4. Sunnies, of course! You need not look far: Georgina and Martine's baby, Sunnies Studios, offer a gamut of the chicest options for every occasion, every destination, and every personality. Always keep one inside your bag: Angular or boxy wayfarers for round faces, softer and rounder styles for square faces, oversized ones for oblong faces, aviators for diamond faces, and cat-eye styles for heart-shaped faces. And of course, for oval faces, feel free to choose as any type works for you!


5. The art of looking sexy without baring too much skin. The secret to achieve this is confidence. Feel like you're oozing with sex appeal in whatever you wear, but for a bit of help, try body-hugging pieces to highlight those curves of yours. And, of course, you gotta kickstart a healthy lifestyle too, like these ladies who know the importance of getting a good workout.

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6. Or the hubadera's guide to looking wholesome. How to show skin without looking like you're trying too hard? Get the right judgment when it comes to proportions. And make sure your clothes fit you well, or you'll appear sleazy. Finally, maintaining clear skin is a mustyou wouldn't want to flaunt unwanted blemishes, right?


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