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The Six Fix: Claudia Barretto-Inspired Style Pegs to Upgrade Your Youthful Look

The Six Fix: Claudia Barretto-Inspired Style Pegs to Upgrade Your Youthful Look

Another Barretto is on her way to stardom. At 16, Claudia Barretto is set to become a recording artistshe has recently signed with Universal Records to kick off her music career. While she knew that she'll eventually pursue a career in music, as a naturally shy kid, she tried to stay away from it. But with showbusiness running through her veins, and after countless signs and the support she's been given, especially by her family, she was finally convinced to pursue her long-time passion. Pegging Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, who both started young and gracefully grew up in the industry, she hopes to influence people the same way they did through their craft.

Aside from her international idols, she looks up to, of course, her mom and sisters, no less. There's nobody else who can guide her better than her kin who went ahead of her in the business. She shares, though, that they're not the type who throws advice at her. "They just ask me what I feel, it gives a bigger impact seeing them do it rather than say it," she points out. 

With Kehlani as her biggest influence, we can expect a lot of R&B from her (think "Alive" and "Down for You"-style). She's also drawn to early 2000s hits, from R. Kelly to Keri Hilson to Shontelle, which are currently on repeat on her playlist. She isn't swayed by the trends and likes old-time classics, which says a lot about her in every aspectstyle included.

Growing up with fashionable sisters alongside her, her style sensibilities are naturalshe's the classy femme who likes easy, uncomplicated outfits. Just like her music as she describes it, she likes her style to be very light and feel good. "I like very classic and modest stuff that will still look good maybe two years from now, something that lasts," she shares. It's easy to copy her stylehere are some of Claudia's dashing and easygoing outfits for some style inspo: 


1. Grown-up, youthful look. She pairs her cowl neck top with a pencil skirt, which looks posh yet age-appropriate. Tip: It's about mixing the right things together. Casual and crisp looks fresh yet ladylike, so keep your colors in neutral territory for a more elegant feel.


2. Sweet, girly look. The real-life Barbie that she is, Claudia glows in pinkin a more modern sense with a two-piece outfit. Tip: Length matters—instead of skater skirts, opt for the midi skirt. The subtle show of skin balances the whole look. 


3. Plain and easy look. Claudia, in a simple shift dress, is ever stunning and chic. Tip: Never look boring by opting for jewel tones—they spell glam, charm, and elegance.


4. Weekend hangout look. Comfort is king with a loose polo and shorts. Tip: Forget your t-shirtsgo for more ladylike pieces that takes you from day to night. The lace detail of her shorts has makes the playfu cut dainty, so she gets to avoid looking like a child.


5. Luxe, refined look. During Julia's 18th birthday bash, Claudia donned a classic black-and-white gown, with a bow detail at the back and minimal accessories that keep the focus on her pretty face. Tip: Baring too much skin is not a necessity. Look great covered up with a cut that fits your body well, like how Claudia knows that halter-types suit her. [related: Style Spotlight: Cool Monochromatic Graphic Prints Update the Tried-and-Tested Black and White Combo]


6. Millenial chic look. If all-black classiness is your cup of tea, don't think that the only thing you can wear is the LBD. Tip: Be ultra modern with a sleeveless top and culottes. Wear aviators for added cool vibes.


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