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The Six Fix: How to Keep Your Friendships Intact this Heated Election Season

The Six Fix: How to Keep Your Friendships Intact this Heated Election Season

How heated this election season is, don't you think?

It's about time we all just cool down and not fight each other anymore, and just work together in making this country a better place, no matter which candidate gets elected president. Then again, we hear you: It's just almost impossible to avoid those uncomfortable and annoying election-related scenarios, so here are some tips to survive them unscathed and come out still feeling like a decent person:


1. When you and your friends get into a heated discussion over a status update or shared post:

To break the online tension, share a couple of non-election related posts like cat memes or something funny instead. Remember, the president won't get elected via social media so make sure to express your opinion where it truly counts: There in the poll precinct, on election day.


2. When your circle of friends keep on sharing a misinformed and unverified post:

No need to go #beastmode when it comes to those misleading posts. Instead, respond politely to their posts by sharing correct information and stories from accredited news channels and news sites. Remember, not everything on social media is true.


3. When you witness bribery/vote buying or worse, someone tries to buy your vote:

With this being an election violation, take photos or screenshots of the bribery/vote buying incident, and inform COMELEC about such incidents through their social media channels, email, or contacting them via phone.


4. When a staunch supporter of a particular candidate finds you and harasses you via private message after you share your opinion online:

The problem with social media is the existence of keyboard warriors and trolls. In cases like this, it’s better to ignore them in order to stop the fire from getting big. Unless... (see #5)


5. When a person publicly threatens you online by leaving an uncalled for comment on your post:

There’s a limit to everything, and if trolls give you death or rape threats, that’s already crossing the line. Get screenshots of the provocative comment, the profile page of the comment poster, and report it to authorities. Death and rape should never, ever, be a joke.


6. When your friend becomes the May Masabi/MeMa type, and has become too opinionated because she keeps on voicing out her thoughts about every single issue that arises:

Keep it classy, and do not respond directly to your friend's comments. Instead, divert the conversation to something that you and your friend like in common, like vacation destinations or the latest fashion trends. 


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