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The Six Fix: Celeb-Approved Ways to Keep Your Cool During the Elections

The Six Fix: Celeb-Approved Ways to Keep Your Cool During the Elections

The road to the 2016 national elections has proved to be far more different than those we had in the past, what with social media playing a huge role in the campaigns and empowering each and every one of us to voice out our thoughts any way we want—some taking this more seriously than others, leading to unpleasant arguments, and worse, tainted relationships.

While we all have our own bets, we must not let arguments and hate rule our newsfeeds and hearts. This is indeed a true test of faith and friendship, but getting pikon is a definite no-no. Patience and an open-mind is a must, and if you need help in this departments cop these celebrities' keep calm and vote wisely techniques:


1. Instead of bashing people/groups online, post decent, relevant and on point messages. Atom Araullo, being a broadcaster for years, is a staunch advocate of this. He makes it a point to enlighten people with facts, not just so-so tweets that wil spark another feud. 


2. Trust in Him. Sounds cheesy, but this is the time that we really need to believefor God has great plans for us, our country, and the whole world. Plus, praying can calm your nerveswe know this gets us all tensed, so take a minute or two of silence and talk to Him. Just ask Bela Padilla.



3. Don't let pressure get to you. Really study the candidates' characters and platforms, and narrow down your choices, like Enchong Dee did, so it's not so overwhelming. Also do not be pressured just because, for example, your whole family is in favor of this certain candidate, who, for you, is not in line with your beliefs. Choose to your accordthat's your right, remember that. [related: Family First: Vote with Your Family's Welfare in Mind]


4. Engage people in rational conversation. Calm and intellectual talk is far better than endless chattering about who's better and who's not. [related: Hot Stuff: How "Diyos-Diyosan" Will Make You Want to Think Harder About Whom You'll Vote For]


5. Consider our country's sake. Lea agrees to this trutheverything that happens on Monday, it's all for our country. Let's stop fighting each other and work together towards building a better nation because no matter who wins, he'll need our help. 

6. Laugh it off while being socially-relevant. For the sake of your sanity, go to Youtube and watch Banana Sundae's spoof of the Presidential Debate. You may think that it's not the right time to waste precious minutes on something funny, but what else is there when it's all done? Who knows, during the last minute, you may realize something and change your mind.


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Photographs screencapped from atomaraullo, @padillabela, @enchongdee777, @gretchenho and @msleasalonga's Twitter pages, and from ABS-CBN Entertainment's Youtube channel




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